The first experience of upgraded paperless conference system|Gonsin ISE2020 News |Part 2

On the first day of ISE2020, a variety of AV products and the latest technologies were amazed the visitors in the show. One the second day, lots of visitors still came to the show and looked for their "best solution".

Therefore, we believe visiting Gonsin’s booth would be your first choice at ISE2020. Gonsin paperless conference system has always been a star product in exhibitions at home and abroad. And this time, we brought a upgraded version to showcase at ISE2020, with camera module, IC card module and fingerprint identification module—enrich the functions, meet different needs and bring bigger surprises to customers.

Camera module GX-CAM101
♦ Face recognition to realize conference registration function
♦ Realize camera and video functions
♦ Realize camera tracking function when speech
♦ Localized face recognition comparisons without networking
♦ Support living body test with fast recognition speed

IC card Module GX-ICC101
♦ Registration function: plug-in card to register(according number),plug-in card to register(non-according number)
♦ Touch point is stable and reliable

Fingerprint Identification Module GX-FPR101
♦ Fingerprint identification to realize conference registration function
♦ Self-learning function
♦ 360 Degree Automatic Correction Recognition Function
♦ Fingerprint recognition rate: 99.9999%

The clients were experiencing the different functions.

We are always welcoming your visit and experience with functional conference products.To choose the best conference solutions, Gonsin can help you!