BJ-W5I16 16 Channels Wireless Hand-held Voting System with Interpretation

System Overview

General Description 

BJ-W5I is the first wireless handheld system with voting, interpretation and attendance registration in AV industry, which brings more convenient, more stable and intelligent conference experience. The system utilizes GONSIN self-developed FSFHSS( frequency selecting-frequency hopping spread spectrum) technology and fully digital wireless communication technology; it comes with superior interference resistance, wider bandwidth and CD-level sound quality, to ensure stable performance and efficient voting process. 

System Features 
◆Utilize GONSIN self-developed FS-FHSS technology, and on-site environment wireless signal detection and selection technology, ensuring system highly resistant to any interference and keeping stable performance. 
◆Highly flexible for conference places, suitable for various conference places including outdoor/indoor/ temporary/fixed conference places 
◆AES for data encryption, preventing malicious interference and interception 
Super-strong anti-interference capability, being immune to any light source, wireless communication equipment, and signal jammer 
Simultaneous interpretation, voting, interpretation&voting all-in-one, three working modes to meet various demands 
◆Adjustable transmission power, the effective communication distance could reach from 50m to 500m. ( Different working modes have different communication distances) 
◆Within the effective signal scope, unlimited system capacity in interpretation mode, suitable for small/medium/large/super-large conferences 
◆All-direction transmission, allowing participants to move within the effective transmission scope 
◆Support up to 16 channels interpretation 
◆One system just requires one wireless access point and one wireless voting central control unit, which makes the installation simple and widely applicable. 
GONSIN30000I congress server can support conference discussion with direct connection to DCS-3021 wireless discussion terminals 
◆In voting mode or all-in-one mode, BJ-W5I, BJ-W5/BJ-04-W wireless voting system can co-work together. 
◆Low power consumption, low transmission power, comply with the global electrical design and communication design standard 

Wireless Voting & Interpretation Terminal BJ-W5I 16

◆ Utilize GONSIN self-develop FS-FHSS technology 
◆ Perfect CD sound quality 
◆ Grouping encryption function, no interference between groups 
◆ OLED display, human-friendly human machine interaction 
◆ Support registration, voting, election, evaluation and grading functions 
◆ Support up to 16 channels( 1+15) 
◆ Lithium battery/AAA battery, real-time detection of battery level, dynamic display, low battery alarm. 
◆ Two registration ways, keypress or inserting card 
◆ Customized voting or evaluation ways by software 
◆ Support unified shut-down function, massively reducing conference workload 
◆ Automatic alarm when the system is faulty, with faulty reason remind for convenient maintenance 
◆ Automatic memory of voting result when power cut off. 
◆ Isolated touch switch, anti-30000V electrostatic interference. 
◆ Anti-violation, can be used normally after being dropped from 2 meters high 
◆ Immune to signal jammer 

Basic functions 
◆ BJ-W5I terminal supports voting and interpretation function. It can be set as three working modes by the server, namely, interpretation mode, voting mode, voting&interpretation all-in-one mode 
* Interpretation mode: voting function turned off, interpretation function activated; 
* Voting mode: interpretation turned off, voting function activated 
* Interpretation&voting all-in-one mode: both interpretation function and voting function activated 
◆ Attendance Registration: inserting card, key-press, supplementary registration; late delegate can vote supplementally; count “ number of supposed attendance”, “number of real attendance”, “number of absence” 
◆ Vote: delegates can vote for “Yes” “No” “Abstain” or the customized voting way by the software. Computer automatically collect statistics and display the results 
◆ Effective first press-key or effective last press-key 
◆ Election: elect one or more candidates with the support of “ single candidate election” or “multicandidate election”
◆ Evaluation: four buttons to evaluate. It comes with four choices “Good”, “Fair”, “Poor”, “Abstain”, or the customized evaluation way by software; 
◆ Grading: From 0-100 points, the initial score is 80 points, press “Yes” to increase points and “No” to reduce points. 
◆ OLED Dynamic display of voting process( such as please register, registered, please vote, voted, please hand over and etc) 
◆ Interpretation function: In interpretation mode or interpretation&vote all-in-one working mode, it supports up to 16 channels interpretation, four versions for interpretation channels setting, namely, 4/8/12/16 
◆ Unified turn-on/turn-off for units via server, different turn-off methods in different working modes 
◆ Auto turn-off function without receiving signal, in different modes, it has different standby time 
◆ Unified shut-down function via voting management software/GONSIN30000I congress server 
◆ Earphone detection, auto shut-down for interpretation function without earphone after 2 minutes 
◆ HOST ID setting, automate system upgraded or manual setting 
◆ Centralized charging by the charging case

Technical Specifications

Modulation Mode

FS-FHSS technology


10mW wireless communication,
confidentiality protocol+ multiple-check


AES( depending on the region)

Max system capacity

unlimited( interpretation mode)
4096 seats( voting mode/ all-in-one mode)

Interpretation channel



255 groups

Channel transponder

24 selectable channels


keypress/ insert card



Frequency response


Headset jack

3.5MM jack stereo

LCD screen

128×64 dot-matrix display
OLED display

Battery display

Real-time display, low-level alarm

Battery specification

Lithium battery or three AAA batteries,

Service time

≥26 hours( lithium battery, different service
time in different working mode)


Aluminum carry case



Net weight

0.13Kg(excluding batteries)

operating temperature


Storage temperature



Server GONSIN30000I


♦ FS-FHSS(Frequency Selecting – Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)innovated by GONSIN, stable and reliable system performance
♦ High-efficient digital audio lossless compression technology
♦ Dynamic display of operational information of the server with OLED display panel
♦ Unified server shutdown function for headset receiver/conference terminal
♦ Compact 1U rack design, simple deployment


Basic functions

♦ FS-FHSS(Frequency Selection - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)innovated by GONSIN, allows the server to auto-detect available 2.4GHz RF; when working with supporting software, the server adopts a reliable hopping mechanism to avoid co-channel interference.
♦ Set Host ID of the server by the LCD panel for receiver grouping management.
♦ Digital audio lossless compression technology improves wireless carrier utilization rate, and avoids interference if multiple systems are used within the same building.
♦ The system is compatible with the terminal of digital interpreter and simulative interpreter, can fit with the chosen interpreter terminal in accordance with need of the user.
♦ Unified server shutdown function for headset receiver/conference terminal .


With DCS-3021 wireless conference terminal, GONSIN30000I server can realize functions below

♦ Support 8×1 SD /8×8 HD automatic camera tracking by video switching matrix
♦ AUTO and FIFO microphone modes;
♦ Max four microphones can be activated at the same time (1 chairman terminal and 1/2/3 delegate terminals);
♦ Volume/tone adjustable;
♦ ID number writing available, to facilitate terminal management;


Technical Specifications

Max Capacity of System

Unlimited simultaneous interpreter receivers( within signal distance);

Max number of conference terminals: 500 ( within signal distance)

Frequency response


Signal to noise ratio

95 dB (A-weighting)


≤ 0.5% (total harmonic distortion: 50Hz~8KHz)

Max. audio output

LINE OUT: +20dBu


eight-pin socket x 1 (for connecting to WAP device)

balanced audio output (XLR connector) x 1

non-balanced audio output (RCA connector) x 2

RJ-45 interface x 1 (for connecting to PC)

RS-232 interface x 1(for controlling camera tracking video matrix)

RS-485 bus interfaces x 1 group (for controlling cameras)

Power supply

AC110/220V±10%, 50~60Hz


19-inch standard cabinet


1U (340mm×420mm×45mm)


4 kg

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation Access Point WAP-30I 
♦ Utilize FS-FHSS ( Frequency selection-frequency hopping
spread spectrum) technology innovated by GONSIN 
♦ Strong signal, stable communication 
♦ No interference if multiple systems are used at the same time 

Basic functions 
♦ Wireless signal transmission within FS-FHSS simultaneous 
interpretation system 
♦ Indicator to show the working status 
♦ Power is supplied via the server 
♦ In support of wall mounting, racking installation, ceiling mounting, etc 

Technical Parameters 
Frequency range     2.4 2.5 GHz 
Interfaces        One 8 pin cable interface to connect the server 
One 6 pin cable to cascade the simultaneous interpretation access point 
Power supply   DC24V 
Effective distance  50m ( straight-line distance) 
Dimension        260mm×260mm×68mm 
Weight         1.2 kg 
Working temperature    0~45°C 
Storage temperature      -20~50°C 

ZJ-W5  Wireless Base Station Unit

Wireless base station unit has A/B output channels. As one channel is out of the service, it can use the backup channel to ensure the conference is normal; it comes with the signal detection function, it can automatically scan the wireless environment of the conference scene and select the best communication without any interference, ensure the stable operation; Single standard equipped base station unit can support up to 200 wireless voting units. The maximum capacity of the system is up to 4096 units. 


Channel detection and channel selection, chose the not-interference channel to ensure stable communication

Double Units backup functions to ensure stable operation of the system

Different antennas for different distance

Single base station can control up to 200 wireless voting units

Flexible deployment in accordance to the conference environment

Fashion appearance design




A/B 485 interfaces for larger system

With up to 200 voting units, it can connect with the central controller to support 4000 voting units

With A/B 232 interface, it can be connected to PC

Antenna connectors for A/B channels to connect small size or medium size antenna

With 232 detection interface and detection antenna connector, detect the wireless signal on site.

A/B channel selection switch


ZJ-K1 Wireless Voting Central Controller

Wireless Voting Central Controller is the extended equipment when more than 200 voting units is used or when the connection distance between PC and the base station is more than 15 meters. It can support up to 4000 voting units. 



4 RS-232 interfaces to connect to PC

4 RS-485 interfaces to connect to the base station and supply power;

Control up to 4 base station units

Technical Specification

Working voltage

Input AC 220V±10% 1Aoutput DC 12 V



Dimension( W×D×H)


Working temperature


Storage temperature


Interpreter Console  TC-F06/F16


  • Digitally-controlled workstation designed for 6-channel or 16-channel interpretation system.
  • LCD screen to display the following information:

1) Channel selection and confirmation

2) Incoming/outgoing channel number

3) All the occupied channels

4) Channel number of this unit

5) Previous and present interpretation time

  • Two types of microphone can be used

1) gooseneck microphone

2) headset boom microphone

  • Built-in loudspeaker with volume level control.  Loudspeaker is automatically switched off when the microphone is turned on.
  • 3 pre-selected incoming channels for relay interpretation.
  • Two outgoing channels can be used for normal interpretation and retour interpretation
  • Automatic channel interlocking function prevents the interpreters from using the same outgoing channel.
  • SLOW key to alert the current speaking delegate to speak slowly.  When the key is pressed, the speaking delegate’s microphone red ring luminant will blink.
  • MUTE key to enable a brief muting of the microphone for cough cut.
  • Floor audio automatically switches to the outgoing channel when the microphone is turned off.
  • Output volume level can be adjusted throught the L/M/H switch
  • Multiple interpreter consoles can be interconnected in a daisy-chain  


Technical Specifications:

  • Frequency response: 50-18kHz
  • Distortion at 1 kHz: < 0.1%
  • Channel separation: > 85 dB
  • Signal-to-noise ratio: > 90 dB
  • Max. input power level: 7.5V
  • Operating voltage: 24V
  • Power consumption: 2.5W
  • Standard microphone stem: 410 mm
  • Built-in loudspeaker 8Ω/2W
  • 128x64 backlit LCD screen
  • 3/5/10m cable with DB25 connectors
  • 3.5mm jacks for MIC/REC/Headphone
  • Dimensions: 247X145X95mm (W*D*H)
  • Weight: 1.2 kg

GX-60B  Charging Case 


◆ Aluminum storage flight case for charging & storage

◆ Microprocessor-based smart charging circuit

◆ Accommodates up to 60 receivers

◆ Independent LED indicators for charging status

◆ Less than 2.5 hours are needed to fully charge 60 units

◆ Fully charged units can remain in the case

◆ 2 butterfly locks, wheels and 3 handles,easy to carry


Technical Specifications

Power input               AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz, 220W

Power output             5V, 20A

Charging status indicator   Charging(red light)

                                              fully charged(green light)

Operating temperature      0-45

Storage temperature         -20-50

Dimensions (W x D x H)      686×433×235mm

Net Weight                            14.5 Kg

   System Diagram