DCS-2021I Wired Desktop Discussion System with Interpretation

System Overview



The paperless multimedia function of the 20000 series economical paperless conference system can be realized by adding extended terminals to meet requirements of administrative conferences; this function can be extended as well with a pad or smartphone, which is a most economical paperless conference solution.


Phase-by-phase deployment, making investment flexible

If budget is limited and investment is difficult to realize in a short time, 20000 series can help you upgrade the voting or paperless function anytime.

Just a system to meet different custom requirements of conferences, making conference organization and operation flexible

How to realize a paperless function for the chairman terminal when the delegate terminal does not come out with the voting function? 20000 series allows users to set functions for single terminal, meeting requirements of organizing and operating different kinds of conferences within a site


Up-to-date conference system, making product upgrade flexible

20000 series allows users to upgrade different kinds of functions, including screen size management, attendance registration, voting, multi-screen interaction, conference notification, address navigation, timed notification, conference service, and conference control & management.


Operation interface of paperless conference extended terminal

Besides the adding extended paperless conference function, the DCS-2021 discussion terminal allows the delegate to speak, request to speak, listen to speech, and has automatic camera tracking function. The discussion and interpretation terminal accommodates up to 32-channel; With the USB port, the handheld voting units can be externally connected to extend voting function; Each congress terminal comes with headphone jack and volume control for the delegate to hear the floor audio and any interpreted language channels, and adjust volume level for comfortable listening. 1 to 4 delegate microphones can be activated at the same time. Built-in loudspeaker mutes automatically when the microphone is turned on. Under voice-activated mode, the microphone is automatically turned on when the delegate speaks, and VOX sensitivity can be adjusted, which is userfriendly to ordinary clients and visually impaired clients. All-in-one capacitive touch button design will also improve users’ operation experience.



Guangdong Cable Group

 Southern Media Group

 King Saud Medical Center

Congress Terminal DCS-2021


♦ Extended paperless conference function by adding extended paperless conference terminal
♦ Audio sensitivity can be adjusted individually or centrally
♦ Distributed power and intelligent grouping management
♦ Volume of built-in loudspeaker can be adjusted from 0~8 level
♦ All-in-one touch panel
♦ CD sound quallity
♦ Wired interpretation: 32 channels
♦ Intelligent voice activated
♦ Auto HD or SD camera tracking
♦ Voting function with extended voting keypad
♦ Pluggable microphone stem

Main Functions

DCS-2021C/D Discussion Terminal
◆ Any delegate terminal can be set as vice chairman terminal
◆ Comply with IEC60914 standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology
◆ Support paperless conference by adding extended paperless conference terminal, to meet the future demand
◆ Microphone discussion: push to talk or request to talk. AUTO/FIFO/OPERATOR/VOX modes are available for microphone management. Speech can be heard via headphone or built-in loudspeaker.
◆ Voice-activated microphone mode: the microphone is automatically turned on when a delegate speaks. Sensitivity (H/M/L) and Mic time-out (20-250 seconds)can be adjusted on the congress server. Four delegate microphones can be activated at the same time.
◆ Attendance registration: by key press or supplementary registration.
◆ The handheld voting units can be externally connected with a USB port to extend voting function.
◆ Automatic camera tracking with preset panoramic position. HD camera is supported.
◆ Six kinds of detachable gooseneck microphone stem for convenient maintenance.
◆ Dynamic LCD messages for registration, discussion( such as please register, register done; request to speak, Mic on).

◆ Terminal has audio recording output interface.

The chairman terminal has below functions besides all functions of the delegate terminal.
◆ Chairman terminal can be activated at any time without preseting mic limit.

◆ Chairman priority button to override all active delegate terminals.

Based on the functions of DCS-2021 C/D discussion terminal, DCS-2021 CI/DI also has the below functions:
◆ Simultaneous interpretation: 32 channels wired simultaneous interpretation .
◆ Dynamic display the channel information with LCD.

Technical Specifications

Mounting type


Frequency response


VOX sensitivity

H/M/L (76dB/80dB/82dB)

Power input


Microphone length

Standard 410mm, Optional 310mm/510mm


47mm×18mm, Backlit with white-on-blue

Expansion port


Built-in speaker


Phone jack

3.5mm jack mono


0.9 kg

Dimension( L×W×H)


Working temperature


Storage temperature



Function Indicators

Front side
1. Pluggable MIC gooseneck;
2. PRIO key (red) for the chairman terminal; press this key to turn off all active congress terminals;
3. Speak key;
4. Simultaneous Interpretation channel selection key
5. Built-in 3W/4Ω loudspeaker
6. LCD display
7. Volume knob
8. 1.5m 6P cable with male connector, for connecting with congress server, power hub, or preceding congress terminal;

Extended Terminal of Paperless Conference GX-PET201/156/185


♦ The chairman extended terminal allow users to initiate registration, voting, appraisal, and scoring

♦ Conference results can be displayed on screens of extended terminals

♦ Simultaneous Interpretation channel is selectable and language type of each channel is shown

♦ Provide calling service function

♦ Provide E-document management function

♦ Speak mode is configurable


Main Functions

♦ Extended terminals of a paperless conference consist of a chairman terminal and delegate terminals

♦ Attendance registration: attendance registration is initiated and ended by the chairman terminal. Registration results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals

♦ Voting function: voting is initiated and ended by the chairman terminal. Voting results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals. In voting mode, both the first key pressing and last key pressing are valid

♦ Appraisal function: appraisal is initiated and ended by the chairman terminal. Appraisal results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals

♦ Scoring function: scoring is initiated and score is received by the chairman terminal. Scores (0~100) are entered through the keyboard and averaged by system. Scoring results are shown on screens of the delegate terminals

♦The chairman terminal allows users to initiate quick voting/election/appraisal/scoring

♦  Discussion setting: the chairman terminal allows users to set speak mode, active MICs, and other parameters for the discussion system

♦ Simultaneous Interpretation channel selection: the extended terminals allow users to select simultaneous interpretation channels and display language and other information of corresponding channel

♦ Call service: participants place a call via an extended terminal. Basic functions: paper, pen, tea, towel and etc, the function can be customized.

♦ Digital conference files management: it includes browsing files and sharing screen
* Browsing congress files: before the congress, the digital files could be preset on the extended terminal, the user could open and browse the files; it supports PDF, WORD,PPT and other presentation files, video, photo and other multimedia files;
* Sharing screen: when the chairman extended terminal is browsing the files in the congress server, it can share the screen and all delegate extended terminals could display the same content of the chairman extended terminal, including page scroll, paging, comments and others steps.
♦ System capacity: One wireless AP could support 40 extended terminal, by adding wireless AP, it could increase the system capacity; the system capacity is unlimited, the actual number is decided by the wireless environment in the congress


Paperless Call Service Terminal GX-PST201

♦  Offer call service function
♦  Assist the servant to receive the request from the congress participants 

Basic function 
♦  Call service: The participant could use the extended terminal to call service, the request could be displayed on the paperless call service terminal in time. The service would be provided as the participant required. The basic service includes: paper, pen, tea, towel and so on. It could be customized according to the congress 

Paperless System Management Terminal GX-PMT201

♦  Offer system management function 
♦  Equipped with all setting function of the congress server 

Basic functions: 
♦ After connected to the system, it has all the setting function of the congress server ( GONSIN20000), including the speaking modes of the system, speaking numbers, the adjustment of the system volume and tone, terminal numbering, the contrast setting 

♦ Setting the congress topic and the congress participant and other relevant information 

The hardware technical specification of the extended terminal 

Notice: The terminal hardware is applied to the paperless conference extended terminal, paperless service terminal, paperless system management terminal. 

GX-PET201 Paperless conference extended terminal
GX-PST201 The paperless call service terminal
GX-PMT 201 Paperless system management terminal


Operation system

Android 4.3

Screen size

9.6 inches 

Screen resolution


Screen ratio


Screen type

IPS capacitive touch screen, support five-points touch

Battery service time

≥16 hours 

Charging method

independent adapter 

System capacitive

One wireless AP(WAP-10B) could support 35 seats, by adding wireless AP, the system could extend its capacity. 

Dimension( W×H×D)

48.5mm×150mm×8.3mm9.6 inches

Net weight

430g( 9.6 inches) 




Panel material

High-class aluminium alloy

Panel Craft

Oxidized wiredrawing processing surface



Power consumption

<15VA/each terminal( exclude the screen)

Lifting time


Lifting accurcy

Horizontal ±0.2mm,


Environment condition

Temperature 5-45

Elevation angle

Largest: 0° 55°(standard: 0° 20°)

External panel dimension

488×88×5 mm ( L*W*D)

Internal panel dimension

401×34 mm(L*W)

Box dimension

476×75×605 mm (L*W*H)


15kg(inclued the screen)

Screen ratio


Screen resolution






Viewing angle

45/45/15/35 (left/right/up/down)


600 1Typ.

LVDS signal cable

VGA driver board

Video interface

Standard VGA Interface( Optional HDMIDVI

Frame material

Aluminium alloy/IPS full-view HD IPS)

Screen Dimension

378×237×8.8 mm(l*w*t)

Touch Control

Transmission-type capacitive screen, support 10 points touch control


High-class control chip

PC connect


Touch screen transparency


Surface Hardness




Drive Mode


Response time


Reading rate

10PT: 80Hz


Contact discharge 4KV

Highest working frequency

100 MHz

Touch screen service time


Working Temperature

-30 +75 


90% at 60

Conference PC


Intel I5



Hard Disk

Standard 32G solid state drive


12V 3A

Power Comsumption


PC system

Windows7 Operation System

Signal Interface

HDMI Interface

Data interface

Two USB interfaces in front

Four USB interfaces in back

External Interface


DCIN AC power input interface MICAUDIO;

Internet Interface


System control

Power swtich button


Power Indiciator


193*176*30mm (L*W*H)



Working Temperature


Storage Temperature