DCS-2043 Congress Discussion System

System Overview

♦ Modern Concise Industry Design
♦ Perfect material combination, clear function area, highlight better users’ performance
♦ Pluggable rectangular column microphone, better sound effect
♦ Discussion terminal can co-work with GONSIN paperless conference system with seamless data interconnection, which makes it convenient for user to upgrade the system and expend paperless function
♦ Distribution power and intelligent grouping management, simple cabling, suitable for various conference venue
♦ Congress terminal utilizes network cable connection, after connecting to the server, it support daisy-chain, star or mixed connection methods
♦ Intelligent voice-activated function with adjustable VOX sensitivity, meets the demand of normal users, ensure the accessibility of visual impaired people
♦ The rectangular column microphone has extension audio backup interface, to meet the demand of special conference venue.

Paperless Terminal Operation Interface

The DCS-2043 digital conference discussion system can be seamlessly connected and used in conjunction withGONSIN paperless conference system. The two systems can communicate in real time in both directions, and the data can be interconnected and inter-operated. The system comes with functions like conference topics, document management, electronic whiteboard, internal communication, call services, meeting registration, voting, internal/external video sharing, on-screen broadcasting, on-site seating, etc., to easily solve problems such as function expansion, system upgrade, etc.

Congress Discussion Terminal DCS-2043CF/DF


♦Pluggable rectangular column microphone stem

♦ The audio and sensitivity of terminal can be adjusted centrally or singly

♦ Distributed power and intelligent grouping management

♦ OLED screen to display terminal information

♦ The volume of dual built-in speaker can be adjusted from 0-8 level

♦ CD-level sound quality

♦ 32 channel wired simultaneous interpretation

♦ Intelligent voice-activated

♦ Auto camera tracking, support SD and HD

♦ Utilize network cable connection

♦ Rectangular column microphone stem has backup expansive audio interface


Basic Functions
♦ Assign any delegate terminal as vicechairman terminal
♦ Comply with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology
♦ Clear function area for conference terminal, sensitive and accurate response
♦ Pluggable rectangular microphone stem can be detached for maintenance
♦ Speaking: request to speak, first-in-first-out, free discussion; listening to others via earphone or built-in speaker
♦ Voice-activated microphone mode: the microphone is automatically turned on when a delegate speaks. Sensitivity(H/M/L) and Mic time-out (20-250 seconds) can be adjusted on the congress server. Four delegate microphone can be activated at the same time(exclude chairman terminal)
♦ Attendance registration: press-key registration, supplementary registration
♦ Automatic camera tracking with preset panoramic position. HD camera is supported
♦ Registration support card insertion registration,
♦ OLED screen display dynamic registration and discussion process( such as please register, registered; request to speak, mic on and other information)
♦ Terminal has earphone interface and microphone interface Network cable connection, after connect to the server, it support daisy-chain, star, mixed connection methods, stable communication, easy installation

Besides all functions of delegate terminal, a chairman terminal has exclusive functions below:
♦ Chairman terminal can be activated at any time without presetting mic limit
♦ Chairman priority button to override all active delegate terminals

Based of functions of DCS-2043C/D basic discussion terminal, DCS-2043CI/DI discussion terminal with interpretation has exclusive functions below:
♦ Simultaneous Interpretation: 32 channels wired simultaneous interpretation
♦ OLED dynamic display simultaneous interpretation channel information




Technical Parameters





Network Cable


OLED;Dimensions: 35mm×18mm

Audio Frequency






Simultaneous Interpretation Channel Number

32 channels

VOX sensitivity


Microphone type

Uni-directional electret condenser microphone

Built-int speaker


Earphone/microphone port

2×3.5 mm mono jack




145mm×170mm×71mm(exclude mic stem)



Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



Congress Server GONSIN20000S
Basic functions
  Certified by IEC 60914 international standard
♦ Black tempered glass panel design, simple and high-grade; clear functional partition, easy to operate
♦ Based on LINUX operating system platform development, all digital audio technology, built-in high-performance CPU processing core, high-speed DSP digital sound processor
♦ Adopt WiFi wireless communication technology, in line with IEEE 802.11n network standard
♦128-bit AES encryption technology, support WEP/WPA/WPA2 wireless security technology to ensure the privacy of the conference, avoid eavesdropping and malicious interference
♦ USB automatic recording function, the system audio can be recorded automatically/manually after the front panel is inserted into the USB flash drive, and the current recording status is displayed in real time. 
♦ The audio and sensitivity of each terminal can be adjusted independently or uniformly (level 4), and the sound effect can be adjusted for the live speech until the perfect effect is achie
♦ Support the conference server to initiate a one-button shutdown command to uniformly close all conference terminals, effectively reducing the workload of conferences.
♦ Adopt non-compressed, high-fidelity, low-latency transmission technology, support 48KHz audio sampling frequency, CD-quality sound quality
With a unique serial number, the conference system supports automatic or manual assignment of IDs to system devices. 
High-contrast, low-power OLED screen is used to display system status, number of speakers, speaking mode, etc., and provides system setting menus in multiple languages ​​such as Chinese/English.
Through the navigation knob, it is convenient for managers to operate and manage the conference server.
Automatic camera tracking function: with camera and video matrix, it can realize high-definition/standard-definition automatic camera tracking and support preset panoramic position.
♦ Built-in 8×1+3 video matrix, automatic SD tracking can be realized without adding equipment
♦ With infrared mobile camera tracking function, with infrared automatic tracking camera, it can realize intelligent tracking and positioning of the terminal. The terminal can move freely within the infrared detection range, and can be tracked in real time without resetting the preset position.
♦ Maximum support for 8 camera ball machines for automatic tracking and switching, support for multi-machine cascade control
♦ Supports up to 128 wireless AP connection management for greater wireless coverage, and the terminal can roam seamlessly.

Support SSID wireless network settings to ensure that multiple systems in the same environment do not interfere with each other at the same time
Advanced TCP/IP connection control between the conference server and the control computer enables control, remote diagnosis and remote upgrade of the conference system
Switching power supply with universal voltage, wide range of use, sufficient power supply.
It can be used separately from the computer as a basic conference system with the following functions:

Speaking function: Limit speaking mode (Auto), first in first out mode (FIFO), approved speaking mode (Operator)
Approved speaking mode: In the approved speaking mode, the representative terminal sends a request for speaking through the terminal speaking button, and can wait for the chairman terminal to approve the speech. The chairman terminal can speak without waiting for approval.
The maximum number of terminals opened at the same time is 4 (1 chairman terminal + 3 representative terminals)

Connected to the computer with system control software, with more features:

Can report and vote at the meeting, and support multiple voting forms to support the use of paperless conference systems.
Centralized management of conference terminals, operators can click on the conference terminal icon to approve or reject participants to speak
You can set the speaking limit time, and you can set the limit terminal to close the conference terminal.
According to the user's supporting management software, the corresponding multiple conference management functions can be realized.

Technical Parameters

System Capacity 450 Units
Frequency Range 20Hz~20KHz
SNR >96dBA
Isolation >85dB
Dynamic Range >94dB
THD <0.05% 
Power AC100~240V,50/60Hz
Audio Port 1 balanced(XLR)4 unbalanced (PHOENIX)
Max Audio Output MIXER OUT :+20 dBu balanced           AUDIO OUT 1~4:+20 dBu balanced
Output Impedance >1KΩ
Central Control Method RS-232
PC Connection Method TCP/IP
Camera Control Method RS-485
Max Power Consumption 300W
Terminal Connection Port RJ45×4(power supply) 
Display Screen OLED(61mm×37mm) 
Audio Recorder Interface USB(FAT32) 
Digital Voice File Size 0.8M/m
Active Delegate 1/2/3/4(Does not include chairman terminal)
Video Input Port RCA×8(1Vp-p 75Ω)  
Video Output Port RCA×4(1Vp-p 75Ω)
Camera Tracking Protocol PELCO-P/PELCO-D/VISCA
Operating Temperature 0~45°C
Storage Temperature -20~50°C
Dimensions (W*H*D) 485mm×325mm×90mm
Installation Desktop or 19” Cabinet installation
Weight 14Kg

Power Hub HUB-P150S

Basic functions
♦ In compliance with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology
♦ Based on digital control framework and highspeed CPU, the system has more stable performance and higher processing speed
♦ Developed on Linux-based OS platform, the server has robust stability and thus applies to large-sized convention centers with strict running conditions
♦ Each power hub can supply power to 20 congress terminals/ 5 desktop paperless allin- one terminal( there are some differences in according to the terminal types and cable length)
♦ Power Status Indicator, support detection for voltage, current, temperature, overload, overheat
♦ Distributed management function, controlled by the server automatically, the operation data is uploaded by network
♦ Distributed power for server, single server can connect to up to 40 terminals; By adding power hubs, they can form a super-large system with 65,025 terminals
♦ All the equipment are connected by cable.Flexible cabling reduces project workload,makes large-scale construction easier.
♦ It supports daisy-chain connection, star connection and mixed connection. The system is highly stable and reliable. The break down of one extension won’t influence the other extensions, and the malfunction of one attachment among the extensions won’t influence the system work.
♦ Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug.
♦ The serial-number is one and only, the congress system supports automatically or manually assign ID to the corresponding equipment.
♦ Built-in congress terminal auto-detect mechanism
♦ Real-time monitor for system operation, to find out system error in time
♦ Co-work with congress server to expand congress terminal connection and designed to meet the power requirement for larger congress system.
♦ 5 terminal connection ports and 2 extended connection ports for HUB
♦ Synchronously start up and shut down with server
♦ More functions when cooperates with system control software

Technical Parameters

System Capacity 65,025
Standard Capacity 65 Terminals(turn off built-in speaker)/25 Terminals(turn on built-in speaker)/5 Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminals
Status Indication LED
Power AC 100~240V,50/60Hz
Max Power Consumption 150W
Terminal Connection Port RJ45×7
Operating Temperature 0~45°C
Storage Temperature -20~50°C
Dimensions(L×W×H) 238mm×165mm×45mm
Installation Concealed or Rack
Weight 2Kg

Interpreter Terminal Gonsin IC-2016/2032


◆ Accommodates up to 16/32 ch interpretation
◆ Single language can be connected with up to 6 interpretation terminals at the same time
◆ LCD shows channel numbers and operating information
◆ Offers direct interpretation and relay interpretation
◆ Supports dual microphone inputs
◆ Microphone is selectable
◆ A/B/C incoming channels can be pre-selected.
◆ A/B outgoing channels can be pre-selected.
◆ Interpretation operating time display
◆ Reminder for speaking slowly
◆ MUTE key for cough cut

◆ Support interpreter booth function


Main Functions

♦ In compliance with IEEE 802.11n network standard, adopt WIFI wireless communication technology.
♦ Physical Mic button utilizes touch design, with concise appearance, convenient operation, accurate response and long service life.
♦ With full digital audio technology, built-in high-speed CPU and high-performance DSP digital audio processor.
♦ gress Con terminal, power HUB and server are all connected by cable. Flexible cabling congress reduces project workload, makes large-scale construction easier.
♦ It supports daisy-chain connection, star connection and mixed connection. The system is highly stable and reliable. The break down of one extension won’t influence the other extensions, and the malfunction of one attachment among the extensions won’t influence the system work.
♦ Automatic restoration function: supports hot plug.
♦ Supports 48KHz audio sample freq, acoustic frequency response can up to 20Hz~20KHz.
♦ Built-in high-performance DSP digital audio processor, helps remove the useless low-frequency and avoid low-frequency acoustical shock, which better improve the sharpness of sound. 
♦ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference
♦ The serial-number is one and only, the system supports automatically or manually assign congress ID to the corresponding equipment.
♦ Direct interpretation or indirect interpretation
♦ Accommodates up to 16/32 channels interpretation
♦ By the software setting, one language could be directly connected to 6 interpreter consoles, when the interpreter turns on the microphone, the system would automatically turn off the microphone of the last interpreter console
♦ A, B input channels presetting. When presetting the input channel, the occupied channel will be automatically skipped. It is quick to switch A/B input channel which works in both interlocking mode(interlock between interpreter consoles) and free mode.
♦ SLOW key to remind the speaker to slow down; the active mic ring or LCD will blink.
♦ MUTE key to temporarily mute unwanted noise.
♦ Interpretation operating time display: hour: minute
♦ Standard electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone with lamp bezel (On or Off) , rich timbre. Three kinds of soft gooseneck microphone stems for various conferences (standard: 410mm, optional: 310mm/510mm).
♦ Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, convenient for equipment maintenance.
♦ Built-in left and right loudspeakers (2W) and adjustable volume(9 levels). Reasonable tune trope design, output clear and loud sound. Adjusting volume through screen touch is available. language channel can be chosen.
♦ Support interpreter booth function and no interpreter terminal quantity limit
♦ Left/Right MIC jack for headset boom microphone
♦ Left/Right headphone jack for headphone monitoring
♦ Left/Right REC OUT jack ( 3.5 mm) for interpreted audio recording
♦ Supports dual microphone inputs 
♦ Microphone is selectable
♦ A/B/C incoming channels can be pre-selected.
♦ A/B outgoing channels can be pre-selected.
♦ LCD shows channel numbers and operating information
♦ Could be freely connected with any terminal


Technical Specifications 

Installation Desktop
Connection Method Cable
Display Parameter Size:65mm×32mm; Dot matrix:128×64; Backlit with white-on-blue
Acoustic Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz
Sensitivity -46 dBV/Pa
Equivalent Noise Level 20dBA(SPL)
Max SPL 125dB(THD<3%)
THD <0.05%
SNR ≥96dB
MIC Type Cardioid; 0°/180°:>20 dB (1 kHz)
Polar Pattern 410mm (standard); 310mm/510mm (optional))
Input Impedance 2KΩ
Headphone Jack 3.5 mm stereo jack×2
MIC Port 3.5 mm stereo jack×2
REC Out Port 3.5 mm stereo jack×2
Headphone Load >16Ω
Headphone Volume 10mW
Built-in Speaker 2W/8Ω
Channel 16/32
Dimension (L*W*H) 247mm×145mm×95mm (without MIC stem)
Weight 1.2Kg(net)
Power 24V
Max Power Consumption 7W
Operating Temperature 0~45°C
Storage Temperature -20~50°C

Function indicators


Listening area
Loudspeaker/headphone control:
1. Embedded 8Ω/2W loudspeaker
2. Volume adjustment knob
Input channel setting area
3. Audio input channel A
4. Audio input channel B
5. Audio input channel C
6. Input & output channel presetting key, for selecting leftward
7. Input & output channel presetting key, for selecting rightward
8. The floor audio input key, (Floor)
9. Output channel A confirmation key;
10, Output channel B confirmation key;
11, MIC ON/OFF key
12. Headset input key: this key is available only when the MIC is turned on. If the LEFT indicator is on, use the left MIC interface (18 in Figure b) to input voice; if the RIGHT indicator is on, use the right MIC interface (18 in Figure b) to input voice.
13. MUTE key
14. SLOW key: press this key to request the speaker to slow down. The conference unit of the speaker will have its MIC indicator or LCD display to flash, reminding the speaker to slow down. This function is available only when GONSIN fully digital conference system is used.
Display function area
15. A highly bright LCD display (dimensions: 128×64) for interpreters to set parameters
Interface area
16. MIC gooseneck interface
17. Left/right headphone output interface, used for connecting to a headphone to listen to a speaker
18. Left/right MIC output interface, used for connecting to a headset
19. Left/right record output interface; input content: interpretation
20. Input interface (IN): This interface is used to connect the first interpreter console to the central control unit and cascade interpreter consoles
21. Output interface (OUT): This interface is used to cascade interpreter consoles
22. Volume adjustment: L indicates low; M indicates medium; and H indicates High. Generally, the volume is set to L or M. It can be used in conjunction with the volume adjustment knob on the simultaneous central control unit to adjust to a required volume