DCS-2057 Economical Paperless Conference System

Economical Paperless Conference System DCS-Q2057

♦ Utilize the full-metal casing, sturdy, durable, high-end texture

♦ Flush mounting installation design, suited to  horizontal desktop installation and vertical chair armrest installation; adaptable to various conference layout

♦ Flexible combination with function modules, various product extension, meet different function requirements easily

♦ Every module/ terminal could extend paperless function with the extendable paperless congress terminal, which facilitates users to upgrade system flexibly

♦ Distributed power and intelligent grouping management, makes system cabling convenient, adapts to system extension with various scales

♦ Support dual 32-channel terminal/ 32-channel terminal , flexible choice for various conference requirement and project budget

♦ CD-quality sound, better conference experience for participants




Basic discussion chairman module



Desktop/ armrest flush mounting

Basic discussion delegate module


32-channel terminal


Dual 32-channel terminal


Voting terminal


Voting and interpretation terminal




Concealed mounting



Bank of China

 Bank of China

Panzhihua People's Congress

Basic discussion module DCS-Q2057


◆ Exquisite full-metal panel

◆ CD-quality sound

◆ Intelligent Voice Control

◆ LED light for working status

◆ Sensitivity and audio of microphone could be adjusted singly or centrally

◆ Volume of built-in loudspeaker can be adjusted from 0~8 level

◆ Auto video tracking, support SD and HD

◆ Electret cardioid pickup pattern microphone, rich timbre

◆ Pluggable microphone stem with turn-on indicator light ring

◆ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference

◆ Could connect to interpretation terminal/voting terminal/ voting and interpretation terminal to achieve function extension

Main Functions

◆ Fully digital technology for audio signal processing and transmission, which complies with the IEC 60914 international standards for conference systems;

◆ Extend to multi-media paperless function with paperless conference extension terminal to ensure system will meet the future requirements
◆ Microphone discussion: push to talk or request to talk. AUTO/FIFO/OPERATOR modes are available for microphone management. Speech can be heard via headphone or built-in loudspeaker.

◆ Voice-activated microphone mode: the microphone is automatically turned on when a delegate speaks. Sensitivity (H/M/L) and Mic time-out (20-250 seconds)can be adjusted on the congress server. Four delegate microphones can be activated at the same time ( not including chairman terminal);

◆ Up to 5 microphone could be turned on ( one chairman microphone + 4 delegate microphones)

◆ Attendance registration by button pressing or prosthesis registration

◆ Automatic camera tracking with preset panoramic position. HD camera is supported.

◆ Six kinds of soft gooseneck microphone stems for various conferences; Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, convenient for equipments maintenance 

Chairman terminal has exclusive functions below expect all functions of delegate function

◆ Chairman terminal can be activated at any time without preseting mic limit

◆ Chairman priority button to override all active delegate terminals

Technical Specifications

Power Supply

Powered by the server

Frequency response


VOX sensitivity

H/M/L (76dB/80dB/82dB)



Microphone stem length

Standard 410mm, 

Optional 310mm/510mm



Panel Dimension (L×W)

65 mm×40 mm

Hole Dimension (L×W)

(61±2)mm X(36±2)mm


One 7-pin aviation connector

Working temperature


Storage temperature


Voting and interpretation terminal DCS-Q2057VI


◆ Integrated design, full-metal casing

◆ Realize attendance registration, voting, election, evaluation, grading function

◆ LED light indicates the working status of the terminal

◆ Nixie tube displays interpretation information

◆ Connect with discussion module/ interpretation terminal to extend function


Main Functions

◆ Registration: Key-pressing registration with LED indicator to show the registration status

◆ Voting: delegates could vote for “ approval” “ disapproval” or “ waiver”, PC could automatically count and display the result;

*general voting and direct voting

*First key-pressing or the final key-pressing is valid

◆ Election: elect one and more candidates from multiple candidates, with “single-candidate election” , “multi-candidate election” “ quick election” functions;

◆ Evaluation: 4 keys to evaluate. The user can vote “ satisfaction” “ quite satisfaction” “ no satisfaction” “ waiver”;

◆ Grading: From 0-100 points, the initial score is 80 points, press “Yes” to increase points and “No” to reduce points.

◆ Built-in LED light in voting button to indicate the status of voting, election, evaluation;

◆ Interpretation: support 32 channels ( 1+31 ) interpretation equipped with IC-2031 interpreter console);

◆ Two digit nixie tube displays interpretation number and volume;

◆ Pressing button to change interpretation channel and adjust volume

◆ CD-quality sound, more natural musical quality

Technical Specifications


Chair Armrest flush mounting

Harmonic distortion

THD <0.3%

Signal to noise ratio


Voting status Indicator

Independent LED indicator

Power Supply

Powered by the server


Two digit nixie tube

Dimension (L×W×H)


Hole Dimension (L×W)

(136±2)mm X(36±2)mm



Three Connector

One 7-pin aviation connector
One 6-pin female connector 0.5m
One 6-pin male connector 1.5m

Working temperature


Storage temperature


GONSIN20000 Congress Server

GONSIN20000 Congress Server connects up to 45 congress terminals. Power hubs can be used to expand the system. Using one single 6-pin cable, power hubs can be cascaded together with the congress server to set up a large system of up to 4096 terminals. Built-in 8x1 video matrix switcher enables automatic camera tracking with additional dome camera(s) without PC software control. Built-in DSP function can be used to prevent acoustic feedback when necessary. Built-in audio mixer is able to compensate treble and bass for excellent sound quality. VOX H/M/L sensitivity and loudspeaker volume level can be adjusted for all terminals or single terminal. Terminal number writing can be done. Terminal LCD contrast is adjustable.   Up to 32 channels are available for simultaneous interpretation. The congress server can communicate with the wireless AP by uploading GONSIN conference APP on pads or smart phones, so to realize the paperless multimedia function for the conference system.


♦Adjusting the sensitivity and the audio of microphone, all terminal together or just single one

♦Distributed power and intelligent grouping management

♦Volume of built-in loudspeaker can be adjusted from 0~8 level

♦LCD screen to display the system setting status

♦VOX sensitivity can be easily adjusted

♦Built-in module for 8×1 video matrix switcher

♦Extended module for HD camera tracking

♦Built-in module for treble and bass compensation


Main Functions

Offline functions without PC/software control

◆Voice-activated mic mode with adjustable VOX sensitivity and auto mic time-out

◆ H/M/L sensitivity can be adjusted for all terminals or single terminal

◆ Loudspeaker volume level can be adjusted for all terminals or single terminal

♦Terminal number writing can be done

◆ Terminal LCD screen contrast can be adjusted

◆Built-in 8x1 video matrix switcher with preset panoramic position.

♦ Each congress server supports up to 8 cameras.

♦ Supports automatic video tracking for dome camera and HD camera

♦Up to 4 delegate microphones can be activated at the same time


* Auto


* Operator

◆ Up to 32 channels for simultaneous interpretation

◆ Treble/bass compensation for excellent sound quality


Extended functions with PC/software control

◆Operator can click terminal icons for terminal management such as allow or reject the delegate to speak

◆ Speaking time limit can be preset to turn off terminal