Mixer GX-MX1012-S2



◆ Super low ground noise, perfect sound effect
◆ Extremely low distorction, wide-gain pre-amplifier, low dynamic frequency response
◆ 12 channels input( 8 channels for MIC+ 2 groups of stereo)
◆ 2 groups of send/return, 2 groups of main channels/output
◆ 2 AUX outputs for each channel: one pre/post fader for selecting signals to listen the audio; one
post fader for soud setting or working as output channel
◆ 7 bands graphic equalizer to optimize the sound performance or adjust acoustic parameters
◆ 12-band accurate level display
◆ 48V phantom supply
◆ 3 bands equalizer to control the music accurately
◆ 24bit, 40KHz sample rate DSP digital processor, 16 effects, adjustable parameters
◆ Built-in MP3 player/ recorder, compatible with mulitple audio formats, with SD/USB interface
◆ High quaility accurate 60mm fader to adjust the channel level


Technical Specifications

Max input level

MIC +22 dBuother input channels +20 dBu

Max output level

Main output(L.R) +28 dBu other output channel


3 colors LED, quasi-peak response



Main dashboard

12 bands, -30dB

Channel indicator


Frequency response


Mic common mode rejection ratio

Fader off >89dBmute off >89dB



Cross talk (@1kHz)

Fader off >89dBmute off >89dB

Noise effective range 20Hz-20kHz

Main mix fader: 0dB; channel fader down <-95dBu-97dB S/N)
Main mix fader: 0dB; channel fader <-82dBu
-86dB S/N)

Channel PAD/LINE

-20dB(MIC input)

Mono/stereo EQ

High frequency +/-15dB12KHz

Medium frequency +/-15dB2.5KHz;

Low frequency +/-15dB80Hz;


AC100-240V 50/60Hz

Power consumption


Dimensions LxWxH

499x322x153 mm




Mixer GX-MX1012-Z/GX-MX1014-Z/GX-MX1016-Z/GX-MX1024-Z


With MP3 player;
With high and low impedance switching function;
With four-way marshalling function;
Comes with reverse feed interface;
Compact design, with cabinet mounting bracket (12/14 way) for cabinet installation;
Comes with 99 modes of digital effector;
60MM high-precision fader with dust-proof net;
3-stage EQ with low cut filter and high efficiency;
2 stereo AUX loopbacks with leel control, and can send the signal to AUX1-2;
Recorder input/output with separate switch, which distributes the signal to the control room and output;
With high pass filter (low cut), cut-off point 75Hz-18dB/Oct;
High-precision 12-segment output level indicator;
With USB port, support computer recording and playback;
Wide-oltage switching power supply design can meet the needs of global regions;

Technical Specifications