Intelligent Electronic Table Card

Basic Functions
♦ Full metal shell, with elegant design, excellent technology and high-end texture
♦ The 7.5-inch electronic ink screen is close to the paper display effect. The display screen is soft, without flicker,and does not affect the shooting effect.
♦ Ultra-low power consumption design, battery life can be lasted 30 days.
♦ Support three colors display: black/white/red, with high contrast
♦ Front and rear dual screen design, more convenient to use
♦ Dual screens can display participant information simultaneously, such as logo, background picture, background color, company, name, position and other information.
♦ It has the function of multi conference room management, which can allocate device and centralize management to the conference room according to the actual situation.
♦ It can quickly call the pre stored seats to update the table card information of all participants, and solve the needs of different meetings, different participants and different seat arrangements.
♦ Support network connection, display, edit and manage multiple electronic table card in batch through computer management software, and batch update can be completed in 30 seconds.
♦ With power management function, the power can be checked on the table card interface and the background software.
♦ Support Bluetooth connection; it can edit the display of a single electronic table card through the mobile application.
♦ It integrates wired and wireless networking functions, supports wired and wireless networking, and can detect the network connection status of each table card in the background.
♦ In wired networking, it supports linkage with the microphone terminal of the GONSIN20000S system to achieve status synchronization. When the microphone is turned on, the LED indicator on the top of the corresponding electronic table card will turn to red.
♦ 3-color indicator on the top of table card shows the current status: red/green/yellow
♦ The base panel is designed with light touch button, which supports short press to turn on and long press for 2 seconds to turn off.
♦ 3 types of power supply: battery, adapter and POE

Technical Specifications

Basic Functions

♦ Support search the ID of electronic table card
♦ Support ID number and modification
♦ Support display interface template customization and image import
♦ Support edit display content (company / name / position), and import file
♦ Support unified shutdown operation
♦ The green indicator light on the top of the electronic table card is flashing in the process of communication
such as numbering, searching and downloading the name picture by the management software.

Basic Functions

♦ Based on Android operating system, support application management
♦ Support scanning code to connect Bluetooth automatically
♦ Support template image import
♦ Support display content editing
♦ One click sending to realize real-time update display content of the electronic table card
♦ Support regular Android smart phones