Mixer GX-MMX1010

◆ Support up to 10 channels microphone input
◆ Built-in 48V phantom power, power switch in back panel; independent 48 phantom power switch
for each channel
◆ Treble and bass adjustment and gain control function
◆ Every channel comes with auto voice-activated function, voice-activated level is adjusted by
MANU which allows sound channel with signal input to be activated.
◆ Auto compressor: the compressor can adjust main output level. When multiple mic are used, the
compressor can avoid feedback casued by the increased gain.
◆ Feedback suppress function: built-in digital frequency shifter, high fidelity, excellent feedback
suppress function. The function can be turned on or switch by “SHIFT/BYPASS” in front control
◆ Built-ine mini computer, users can set the priority function freely by DIP switch in the front panel.
The prior number is unlimited; When DIF is off, it means free discussion mode, 10 mic can speak
freely; When DIF setting is on, the corresponding mic is on, the level of other mic is auto reduced
by 40dB.
◆ Cascade function, form multiple groups of mic conference system
◆ A group of aux input for background music
◆ Balanced output and a group of aux output
◆ Built-in mini processor with RS232 port and RS485 port, RS232 port is for setting and
communication( two-way)
◆ It comes with logic output, 10-digit logic output, 5V high level output when it is activated
◆ External dual 17V power transformer( 16W220V)


Input Impedance Mic input 4KΩ
Cable input 30KΩ
Cascade input 20KΩ
AUX input 30KΩ
Output impedance Balanced output 200Ω
Unbalanced output 400Ω
Max input level Mic input -24dBV
Cable input +30dBV
AUX input +17dBV
other Max gain 73dB
Frequency response 30Hz-28KHz
Input noise -124dBV
Mic input attenuation 50dB
Phantom power +48VDC
Power supply 15V/DC/500MA