Gonsin Escorted Rizhao Emergency Command Center, Shandong

In order to accelerate the informatization construction of the Rizhao city’s emergency management and further improve the emergency response capabilities, Rizhao Emergency Management Bureau actively promotes the construction of an emergency command center.

In this project, it was seeking for a conference system which is stable, reliable, compatible and expandable, ensuring the ability of responding to emergencies.

After selection, GONSIN Leaders Series Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone was selected to apply in the center for the high quality sound, stable performance and elegant design,  recognized by the leaders of the center.

It drops full metal microphone pedestal and rectangular column microphone stem,that is simple and elegant. What’s more, with 14 mm diameter gilded capacitance microphone and cardioid directed electred, it offers clear sound. At the same time,the built-in windbreak cotton and shock-proof insulating rubber helps to effectively reduce shocking and noise from installation surface.

Gonsin conference system will further enhance the command and dispatch capability of the center, ensure the overall operation stability, and provides a strong guarantee for the construction of the emergency command system in Rizhao City.