International Projects

  • 2019 Global Health Forum of Boao Forum for Aisa
  • 2016 BRICS Summit
  • CELAC - European Union Ministerial Summit
  • The 10th G20 Summit
  • United Nations Conference LDC-IV
  • 31st World Heritage Committee annual sessions
  • 34th World Heritage Committee annual sessions
  • United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)
  • United Nations Children's Fund
  • World Summit of Legislators
  • Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Singapore
  • Asia-Pacific Chiefs of Defense Conference
  • Asia-Pacific Parliamentary Forum
  • EU branch of World Customs Organization
  • World Bank meetings on Africa agriculture development
  • Organization of American Sates general assembly
  • Mercosur presidential summit
  • Northern Forum general assembly
  • European Commission - African Union ministerial meeting
  • African Union Conference on public health
  • Economic Community Of Central African States
  • Forum on Forestry Governance in Central Africa
  • Secretariat of the Pacific Community
  • ACBF Board of Governors annual session
  • African Athletics Confederation general assembly
  • African Development Bank Group
  • 47th Annual Meeting of CDB Turks and Caicos Islands
  • Ministry of national defence, Romania
    Transportation ministry of Romania
    Ploiesti city council meeting room, Romania
    County Council Satu Mare, Romania
    Local administration office in Cluj Napoca, Romania
    Cluj University in Romania
    Poviat Council Radom, Poland
    Poviat Council Sochaczew, Poland
    Poviat Council Siemiatycze, Poland
    Pulawy Municipal Council, Poland
    Pniewy Municipal Council, Poland
    Border Guards in Kętrzyn, Poland
    Senate Board University of Olsztyn, Poland
    Municipal Council in Otwock, Poland
    Municipal Council in Sulejowek, Poland
    Municipal Council in Rzasnik, Poland
    Municipal Council in Somianka, Poland
    Municipal Council in Wodynie, Poland
    Municipal Council in Jasieniec, Poland
    Municipal Council in Ilza, Poland
    National Bank of Greece
    Municipality of Kos, GREECE
    Municipality of Tripoli Arkadias, Greece
    Ministry of Defense, Greece
    Municipality of Korydallos , Greece
    Municipality of Dafni ,Greece
    Municipality of Kilkis, Greece
  • Chipita conference room,Greece
    Government of Bulgaria
    Municipal office, Sofia, Bulgaria
    State Commission for Energy regulation, Bulgaria
    Technical University in Varna, Bulgaria
    The branch of “Kontrax” in Burgas, Bulgaria
    Jazz Hotel, Moldova
    Parliament of Moldova
    Mairie de Lyon, France
    Minsk Arena, Belarus
    Vigo City Council, Spain
    City Hall of Zaragoza,Spain
    Town Hall of Campo ,Spain
    Plenary Hall of Alicante,Spain
    School project in Logrono,Spain
    City hall of Guardo,Palencia,Spain
    City hall of Senyera,Valencia,Spain
    Jazz Hotel in Moldova
    State University of Moldova
    Zürich Stadtrat, Switzerland
    Dublin City Council, Ireland
    Ministry of Health of Russian Federation
    Government of Russia
    China Embassy in Moscow, Russia
    Spain Embassy in Moscow, Russia
    Kazan - Expo, Russia
    "LAKHTA CENTER" in St.-Petersburg, Russia
    The Siberian Federal University, Russia
    State Duma of the Astrakhan Region, Russia
    Administration of Ryazan Region, Russia
    Administration of Sladkovsky Municipal District, Russia
    Lipetsk City Council of Deputies, Russia
    Novosibirsk Academpark Conference Centre, Russia
    Komsomolsk-on-Amur State Technical University, Russia
    Conference hall Electro-repair plant, Russia
    Ural Institute of state fire fighting service of EMERCOM,Russia
    Russian State Humanitarian University
    Plekhanov Russian University of Economics
    National Courts Administration, Lithuania
    Altinbas University
    Türkiye Diyanet Vakfı
    Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, Turkey
    Turkish Military Academy, Ankara, Turkey
    Nazilli Ticaret Odası, Turkey
    Luleburgaz Academy Of Fine Arts, Turkey
    Bankalararasi Kart Merkezi(BKM) Banka, Turkey
    Kosovo Judicial Council, Pristina, Kosovo
    Bila Tserkva Town Council, Ukraine
    Kyevo-Svyatoshinska Region Council,Ukraine
    Vasylkiv Town Council,Ukraine
    Poltava Town Council,Ukraine
    Mirgorod(Myrgord) State Authority,Ukraine
    Chernobyl Nuclear Energetic Station,Ukraine
    Hotel Real Estate (Ulcinj), Republic of Montenegro
    Finance Ministry of Albania
    Project for general secretary of the government of Republic of Macedonia
República Federativa do Brasil
Smarty City Business Curitiba ,Brazil
FCA ,Brazil
FBS 2015 ,Brazil
International Symposium on Forest
Biotechnologies , Brazil
7th International Congress for Biosynthesis , Brazil
I International Congress of legal psychology , Brazil
X Brazilian Congress of surgery of the shoulder and elbow,Brazil
XI Brazilian Congress of surgery of the shoulder and elbow,Brazil
Gobierno de la República Argentina
H. Sonora State Congress, Mexico
Government of Jamaica
Meeting of the Socialist International Council, the Dominican Republic
The VII Meeting of the Ibero-American and Caribbean Network for Regulatory Improvement
Government of Dominican Republic
Government of Bolivia
Government of El Salvador
Government of Paraguay
Central Bank of the Republic of Haiti
Government of Suriname
Grenada Trade Centre
Manizales Council Hall, Colombia
National Congress of Chile
Environment Ministry of Chile
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chile
Ministry of Economy ,Chile
COBOCE enterprise , Bolivia
Dominica Government Information Service
National Assembly of Ecuador
Alfaro City Congress Center, Ecuador
Loja Municipality ,Ecuador
Tulcan Municiaplity ,Ecuador
Central Bank of Ecuador
Ecuador Catholic university , Ecuador
Atlapa Convention Center, Panama
San Antonio Convention Center, USA
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
Yukon Territory Government, Canada
Government of Egypt
BADR University (BUC)
Government of South Africa
Government of Senegal
Government of Libya
Government of Uganda
Government of Algeria
University of El-oued,Algeria
University of Constantine 3, Algeria
Federal Government of Nigeria
Federal Ministry of Defence of Nigeria
Nigerian Defence Headquarters
Nigerian Air Force Headquarters
Government of Republic of Congo
Kampala City Council, Uganda
Ministry of Defence, Sudan
Ministry of Communications & IT, Sudan
Afar Regional State Council, Ethiopia
Gambela Regional State Council, Ethiopia
SNNPR State Council, Ethiopia
Haramaya University, Ethiopia
IGAD Climate Centre, Nairobi, Kenya
AIMAC, Casablanca, Morocco
National school of applied science of OUJDA in Morocco
Prime Minister office in Rabat, Morocco
CADDI AYYAD University, Morocco
CNRT Conference Room, Morocco
Ocp policy center, Morrocco
Cour Des Comptes Regional Casablanca - Settat, Morocco
Cameroon National Shippers' Council
Hotel La Mada, Nairobi, Kenya
Pope Paul VI Memorial Hotel, Uganda
African Community Rights Network ,Cameroon
USA Embassy,Cameroon
The World Bank,Cameroon
Form on Forestry Governance in Central Africa,Cameroon
Economics Department of Cameroon
Auditorium for International Organisation ,Cameroon
Independent Depreciation Fund,Cameroon
National Social Security Fund of Burkina Faso
Hotel Sissilis ,Burkina Faso
Parliament of Burkina Faso
National Social Security Fund , Burkina Faso
National Episcopal Conference of Congo
Parliament of Congo
Sudan Friendship Hall
Kenyatta International Convention Centre
Boao Forum for Asia (BFA)
National Defense College, Bangladesh
DC Office Habigonj,Bangladesh
Redio of Bangladesh
Trivandrum Municipal Conference Hall, India
Chandrapur Council Conference Hall, India
Yavatmal Council Conference Hall, India
Parbhani Saminar Hall, India
Government of Pakistan
Auditor General Office in Islambad, Pakistan
Foreign Affairs Dept. Jamat elsmali Mansoora, Lahore, Pakistan
Middle East Water and Environment, Iran
University in Tehran, Iran
Baqiyatallah Hospital, Tehran, Iran
Government of Tajikistan
Government of Thailand
Government of Vietnam
Government of Indonesia
Government of Maldives
Government of Afghanistan
State Great Hural of Mongolia
United Nations Development Programme - Afghanistan
United Nations Development Programme - Nepal
Nepal Television, Nepal
United Nations Development Programme - Vietnam
United Nations Development Programme - Cambodia
Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
Ministry of Agriculture, Mongolia
Infosys Convention Centre, India
Department of Education of the Philippines
Province of Antique Government Office Phlippine
Iraqi Prime Minister's Office, Baghdad
United States Embassy in Iraq
Mansour Hotel, Iraq
Qatar Petroleum Corporation
Riyadh Colleges of Dentistry and Pharmacy in Saudi Arabia
King Saud Medical Center(KSMC),Saudi Arabia
King Abdulaziz University in Jeddah,audi Arabia
Univery of Saudi Arabia
The Second Malaysia Scholars on Korea (MASK) Network Seminar
Seoul City Government, South Korea
Koyang City Government, South Korea
Info & Comm University (ICU), South Korea
Western Power Plant in Korea
Yarmouk University, Jordan
Greater Amman Municipality project, Jordan
Judicial Institute Project, Jordan
World bank office, Yemen
Manpower and Government Restructuring Program, Kuwait
Nepal Centre for Constitutional Dialogue
Indonesia Air Force Conference Centre, Jakarta
Indonesia Conference on Urban Development
Almaty Metropoliten, Kazakhstan
Government of Akmola area, Kazakhstan
ParkView Business Center ,Kazakhstan
Government of Southern area, Kazakhstan
Government of Shymkent, Kazakhsan
Economic University of T. Ryskulova , Kazakhstan
Institute of National Economy, Kazakhstan
Astana Tax committee, Kazakhstan
ALTEL Joint-stock company, Kazakhstan
Department of Emergency Situations, Kazakhstan
Institute of Philosophy , Kazakhstan
Karaganda State Industrial University, Kazakhstan
Astana Government ,Kazakhstan
JSC Unified Accumulative Pension Fund,Kazakhstan
Positiv Bank , Kazakhstan
Atlas Hotel,Tajikistan
National Library of Tajikistan
Association of the Banks of Azerbaijan
The Ministry of Agriculture ,Azerbaijan
The Ministry of Culture and Tourism,Azerbaijan
Office of Public Prosecutor of Azerbaijan
Trade Union Confederation of Azerbaijan
Ebert Foundation ,Azerbaijan
Four Seasons Hotel, Kyrgyzstan
Government of New Zealand
Auckland Convention Centre, New Zealand
Christchurch Convention Centre
Congress of New Caledonia
Tbilisi 9th International Dental Congress, Georgia
The NATO Military Committee ,Tbilisi, Georgia
The 15th Conference of Ministers responsible for Sport, Tbilisi,Georgia
The First Science Technology University of Georgia
Eurasia partnership foundation , Georgia
International Business Forum - Batumi 2017, Georgia
Georgian Respiratory Association , Georgia
Independence Day In Georgia 25th anniversary ,Georgia
IRU Academy Seminar ,Georgia
Supreme Council of Autonomous of Adjara, Georgia
Media Center of Armenia
Word of Life church, Armenia
Elite Plaza business center, Armenia
SME Investments ,Armenia
Slavic Pentacostal Church, Australia
Ministry of Commerce, P.R.China
Huaihe River Committee, Ministry of Water Resource, P.R.China
Zunyi International Hotel Conference Center
Yangtze Ecology and Environment Co.,Ltd
National People's Congress of Jian County, Jiangxi
China's Anti-poverty Relocation and Resettlement Follow-up Support Work Conference
National People's Congress of Jishui County, Jiangxi
Shenzhen Pingshan Experimental Primary School
China Mobile Qinghai Branch
Chongqing Welfare Lottery Center
Beijing Institute Of Graphic Communication
PLA General Staff Headquarters, Beijing
Beijing Chongwen People's Congress
Beijing Dongcheng People's Congress
Beijing Capital International Airport
All-China Journalists Association
Yuyang Int'l Convention Centre, Beijing
Beijing International Trade Centre
Peking University
Beijing Technology and Business University
Beijing Wangtong Building
Shanghai Xuhui People's Government
Shanghai International Port Group
Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp
Shanghai Grand Theatre
Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre
Headquarter of Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation
China Shipping, Shanghai
Shanghai Branch of PICC
Shanghai ShenDi( Group) Co., Ltd.
Fudan University, Shanghai City
Tongji University, Shanghai City
Guangzhou Military Region headquarters
Guangzhou Yuexiu People's Congress
Guangzhou Municipal Party School
Guangzhou Branch of People’s Bank of China
Zhaoqing Branch of People’s Bank of China
China Lesso Group Holdings Limited
Maoming International Conference Center
Maoming Citizen Activity Center
Shenzhen City People's Congress
Shunde People's Congress, Guangdong
Dongguan People's Congress, Guangdong
Shantou People's Congress, Guangdong
Guangxi Political Consultative Conference
Guangxi Commission for Discipline Inspection
Jiangmen City Procuratorate, Guangdong
Guangdong Press & Publication Bureau
China Southern Power Grid Company
People's Bank of China, Guangzhou City
Xiamen City People's Convention Centre
Xiamen City People's Government
Fuzhou Meteorological Bureau
Guiyang Government Convention Centre
Guizhou Industrial & Commercial Bank
Hunan Provincial People's Government
Hunan Information Industry Department
Yueyang City People's Congress
Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce
China Mobile, Hubei Branch
Bank of Communications, Hubei Branch
Hubei Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources
Wuhan Department of Transportation
Health and Family Planning Commission of Wuhan Municpality
Chongqing Publlic Security System
Chongqing Industrial and Commercial Bureau
Hunan Telecom Corp, Changsha City
Hunan University, Changsha City
Shenyang Aerospace University
Hubei Provincial People's Government
Wuhan City People's Government
Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau
Luoyang City Opera House
Baoshan Convention Center, Yunnan
Daqing City Government Convention Centre
China Mobile Corporation, Heilongjiang
Hefei City Foreign Trade Bureau
Harbin Institute of Technology
Hainan Harbour & Shipping Holding
Lianyungang Government Convention Centre
Nanjing Municipal People's Procuratorate
Agricultural Bank of China, Suzhou City
Changchun First Automotive Works Group
Shenyang City People's Congress
China Petroleum Corporation, Dalian City
Shenyang University of Technology
Shenyang Olympic Sports Centre
Yinchuan City Government Convention Centre
Yinchuan City International Trade Centre
Baotou City People's Congress
Hohhot Grand Theatre, Hohhot City
Qinghai Lake Grand Hotel, Xining City
Maoming International Hotel, Guangdong
Panzhihua Government Convention Centre
Chengdu TV Station, Chengdu City
Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group
Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu City
Yantai City Public Security Bureau
Yantai Expo Centre, Yantai City
Tianjin Garrison Military Base
Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group
Urumqi City People's Congress
Urumqi Civil Aviation Authority
Yunnan Provincial Education Department
Kunming City Intermediate People's Court
Hangzhou International Convention Centre
Buddhist Institute, Hangzhou City
Huangshan City People's Congress
Hefei Intermediate People's Court
People's Bank of China, Hefei City
Electronic Engineering Institute, Hefei City
Party School of the CPC Guangzhou Committee
Public Security Bureau of Ningxia Region
Gansu Provincial Tax Bureau
Gansu Department of Finance
Lanzhou Branch of China Tobacco
Linxia Nationalities Great Threater
Northwest Minzu University
Gansu Electric Power Design Institute
Henan Chinese Medicine Hospital
Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau
Standing Committee of Luoyang City
Hebei Department of Construction
Hebei Tobacco Bureau
Hainan Customs
Hainan Harbor&Shipping Holding Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Food Bureau
Jiangsu Bureau of Commodity Price
Wuxi Public Security Bureau
Nanjing People's Procuratorate
Nanjing Water Supplies Bureau
Suzhou Health Bureau
Suzhou Weather Bureau
Jiangxi People's Political Consultative Conference
Jiangxi Provincial Party Committee Rural Work Department
The 12th National Games
Liaoning Planning Building
Ningxia Public Security Department
Ningxia Grand Theater
Inner Mongolia Grand Theater
China Mobile Branch of Inner Mongolia
Inner Mongolia University
Sichaung People's Procuratorate
Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group
Shandong Department of Culture
Shandong Local Taxation Bureau
Jinan Forestry Bureau
Haier Global Conference Center
Shanxi Development and Reform Commission
Tianjin Power Commissioning Center
Tianjin Beichen Administration Service Center
Tianjin Pharmaceuticals Group
Xinjiang Department of Finance
Xinjiang Department of Culture
Xizang Lhasa City Comprehensive Exhibition Hall
Yunnan Department of Education
Yunnan Environmental Protection Bureau
Kuenming Intermediate Court
Kuenming Public Security Department
Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial Bureau
Zhejiang Economic Information Center
Hangzhou Emergency Rescue Command Center
Hangzhou International Conference Center