DCS-3021-W FS-FHSS Wireless Desktop Basic Discussion Congress System

FS-FHSS Wireless Congress System DCS-3021
System Features
♦ Modern-style design;
♦ It utilizes FS-FHSS( Frequency Selecting - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) GONSIN innovated and digital wireless communication to detect and select available frequency and avoid co-channel interference; select available frequency and avoid co-channel interference;
♦ In support of multiple systems to be used concurrently without mutual interference;
♦ Capability to process up to 500 devices within a large-sized FS-FHSS wireless congress system;
♦ All parts of the system is small size and light weight, all-in-one package is optional, easy carrying and removal
♦ Terminals can be shut down via server.
♦ DCS-3021 wireless discussion terminal could be connected to GONSIN30000I congress server and the corresponding wireless AP directly, the system could realize discussion and simultaneous interpretation function.
* FS-FHSS( Frequency Selection –Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology:
Frequency hopping communication technology is a common spread spectrum communication technology which is widely applied to various wireless communication fields. GONSIN has developed the unique FS-FHSS based on this communication technology. The new technology can monitor and select the undisturbed frequency band. FS-FHSS ensures the stability of the communication. It is applied to GONSIN wireless conference system, which implements the discussion, simultaneous interpretation, voting and others comprehensive conference application functions.

Congress Terminal DCS-3021-W
Main Features
♦ It utilizes FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology;
♦ High definition CD-level sound quality;
♦ Consecutive battery use time (speak mode) ≥ 20 hours;
♦ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference;
♦ USB charging interface;
♦ Pluggable microphone stem.

Basic Functions
♦ Battery capacity detection
♦ Low voltage alarm and automatic shutdown;
♦ ON/OFF button press-and-hold for terminal shutdown or startup;
♦ Indicators to show working status;
♦ Attendance: key press and supplementary registration;
♦ Voice-activated microphone mode(optional)
♦ Microphone modes: AUTO , FIFO and VOX(optional);
♦ Built-in loudspeaker;
♦ Supports automatic camera tracking, with preset panorama position; in support of SD and HD cameras;
♦ Micro USB charging interface, detachable lithium batteries for centralized charging in the charging case;
The chairman terminal has the exclusive functions:
♦ The chairman terminal can be turned on free;
♦ Priority button, and be able to shut down the speaking delegate terminal;

Technical Indicators

Frequency range 2.4-2.5GHz
Modulation Mode FS-FHSS frequency selectingand-hopping technology
Frequency response 20Hz~20KHz
Sensitivity -46dB±1dB
Working Voltage 3.7V
Battery capacity 2600mAH Lithium ion battery
Consecutive battery use time( speak mode) ≥20 hours
Loudspeaker 2W/8Ω
Microphone stem length 310MM
Dimension 141×161×53 mm
Weight 0.5Kg
Working temperature 0~45°C
Storage temperature -20~50°C


Congress Server GONSIN30000

Main Features
♦ FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology and wireless communication technology allows
the server to auto-detect available 2.4GHz RF; when working with supporting software, the server adopts a reliable hopping mechanism to avoid co-channel interference;
♦ High-efficient digital audio lossless compression technology improves wireless carrier utilization rate,and avoids interference if multiple systems are used within the same building;
♦ Digital control framework and high-speed CPU processing core comes with stable and high-speed processing function
♦ In conformation with IEC60914 international standard. Utilize the digital audio procession and
transmission technology, the congress server completely is digitalized 
♦ Based on the LINUX operation system platform to develop the congress server that makes its operation extremely stable and suited to various conferences
♦ The server comes with OLCD display screen and navigation button, displays speak mode, system status;manage and set all terminals, supports English, Chinese
♦ Support conference terminals management. The operator can click the congress terminal icon to approve/refuse the participant to speak ( which require the management software or central control unit);
♦ Support sound record and video record (require the video capture card);
♦Optional HD video camera tracking matrix ,switcher or HD camera, can realize HD automatic camera tracking, supporting preset overall view;
♦ Voice-activated microphone mode(optional)
♦ Microphone modes: AUTO , FIFO and VOX(optional);
♦ Max four microphones can be activated at the same time (1 chairman terminal and 1/2/3 delegate terminals);
♦ Volume/tone adjustable;
♦ Microphone sensitivity could be adjusted in according to the speaker
♦ Facilitate the terminal management by ID number writing;
♦ Terminals can be shut down via server.

Technical Indicators

Wireless Access Point WAP-30

Main Features
♦ FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology and wireless communication technology
♦ Strong signals to ensure communication;
♦ No interference if multiple systems are used at the same time.

Basic Functions
♦ Indicators to show working status;
♦ Power is supplied via the server;
♦ In support of wall mounting, rack installation, ceiling mounting, etc.

Technical Indicators

Frequency range 2.4~2.5 GHz
Modulation mode FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping spread spectrum technology
Interfaces Eight-pin interface x 1 (for connecting to the server)
Six-pin interface x 1 ( for cascading interpretation system WAP)
Power supply DC24V
Wireless signal coverage 30 m
Dimensions 260mm×260mm×68mm
Weight 1.2Kg
Working temperature 0~45°C
Storage temperature -20~50°C

Transport Case DCS-16

DCS-16 utilizes all-in-one design, is the multi-function package equipment that is applied in the storage and transport of the DCS-3021 system. It applied the flight case design, universal wheels. The material of the case is solid, shockproof and crash-proof. It is convenient for users to store, remove and transport the products. It is suited to the temporary conference and rental market.


One transport case can contain

♦ One congress server
♦ 16 congress terminals
♦ 16 microphone stems
♦ 2 wireless AP
♦ One charging case


Technical Indicators

Universal wheel

4 wheels


750mmх500mmх800 mm( including universal wheels)

Empty weight




Charging Case CHG-16

Main Features

♦ Battery capacity and charging current management in real time.

♦ Charging LED indicator;

♦ Reverse polarity protection;

♦ Short-circuit protection;


Basic Functions

♦ Smart management ensures safe and reliable charging; The real-time management for battery capacity and charging current prolongs battery life;

♦ Independent modularized charging circuit enables battery detection; this circuit does not work if no battery is detected;

♦ Charging up to 16 batteries at the same time; charging time: 3.5 hours;

♦ Red/green charging LED indicator.


Technical Indicators

Power supply

AC100~240V, 50~60Hz

Max. charging voltage

4.2 V


106 W

Charging time

3.5 hours


6.7 kg (net weight), 7.4 kg (full load)



Working temperature


Storage temperature