Dual 12-inch Line Array Series Speaker
The GX-SP2012DL-Z line array speaker is a large scale two-way crossover system providing a bandwidth of 55Hz-20KHz .It is fitted with two British top-level 44 mm voice coil HF drivers coupled to special constant -path aluminum horn and two 12-inch LF drivers with great dynamic margin. It produces strong penetrating power, clear and thick vocals and super high sound pressure level. The whole product is beautiful and concise in shape, and exquisite in appearance, which is a extremely competitive large-scale line array system.
The GX-SP2018DSBB-Z subwoofer uses a custom-made speaker unit that is precisely modulated and the cabinet is a symmetrical compression design. It employs two 18" drivers in symmetrically compressed enclosure, featuring extremely deep low frequency which has strong power and elasticity at the same time.
Combined with GX-SP2012DL-Z, it generates a large dynamic, high SPL, clear and delicate sound as well as a tunable full-range response range.