DCS-1022F-W Triple-band Wireless Desktop Discussion System with Interpretation and Voting

10000 Series Triple-band Wireless Congress System
♦ Support 2.4 G/5.2G / 5.8G triple-band communication to ensure system stability;
♦ Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted from level 0 to 4;
♦ With offline 8 in 1 out SD video tracking matrix, HD camera is supported;
♦ Terminals can be uniformly shutdown by server after the conference;
♦ System capacity can be up to 450 terminals;
♦ CD-quality sound;
♦ Utilizes encryption algorithm to ensure data security;
♦ Multiple systems work simultaneously under same environment without disturbing each other;
♦ Extendable to paperless conference function.

DCS-1022-W Basic Discussion Terminal


♦ Support 2.4 G/5.2G / 5.8G triple-band communication;

♦ Stylish and interactive graphical user interface;

♦ 4.3-inch TFT true color LCD touch screen;

♦ CD-quality sound;

♦ Voting, election, evaulation;

♦ 6 channels Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation;

♦ Call service;

♦ Terminal battery duration (speaking state) ≥ 14 hours;

♦ Highly resistant to mobile phone interference;

♦ Chairman terminal can run voting in off-line mode;

♦ Metal material, high-end texture;

♦ Microphone sensitivity can be adjusted from level 0 to 4;

♦ Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem.


♦ Set any delegate terminal as vice-chairman terminal;

♦ Congress terminals use 4.3-inch TFT true color LCD touch screen to display the UI interface, conference information, the microphone switch status and battery level information and etc;

♦ LCD supports full-size touch operation and functions setting: LCD contrast, volume, SSID network setting, language and etc;

♦ Multiplexing switch microphone button to achieve long press turn-on; terminal automatic turn-off without signal communication in ten minutes;

♦ Attendance is registered by IC card or microphone key-press. Attendance is counted automatically and the result can be

displayed on the congress terminal;

♦ With built-in loudspeaker;

♦ Battery level detection, Low voltage warning and automatic shutdown protection function;

♦ By SSID network setting without disturbing when multiple systems work together;

♦Microphone modes: AUTO/FIFO/NEXT ONE (co-work with 1022 chairman terminal ) mode is optional. Up to 3 microphones can be activated simultaneously besides the chairman terminal;

♦ Rechargeable lithium batteries for centralized charging, charging cabinet could charge up to batteries;

♦ Support automatic video tracking , HD camera with preset position for panorama view;

♦ Terminal display language : Chinese and English;

♦ The terminal supports call service function( tea, paper, pen, help and etc);

♦ Every terminal is given an unique ID number, which facilitates devices installation and management;

♦Six kinds of soft gooseneck microphone stems for various conferences; Pluggable gooseneck microphone stem, convenient for equipment maintenance;

♦ Terminal comes with recording output interface;

Technical Specifications

Frequency range

2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band Communication

Frequency response





4.3-inch TFT true color touch screen

Rated Voltage

12 V



Battery capacity


Service time


Earphone jack

3.5mm stereo jack

Mic stem length

310mm standard, 410mm / 510mm optional


212mm×139mm×67mm (W×D×H)

Net weight


Operating temperature

0 to 45

Storage temperature

-20 to 50

Interpretation Channel

1+5 Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation

Interpretation volume


Press button to adjust


Function Indicators

Top View
1, The microphone stem
Pluggable microphone stem, sound pick-up distance: 10-40cm
2, DCS-1021-W: 128*64 dot matrix LCD; DCS-1022-W: 4.3-inch TFT true color LCD touch screen
3, Power/ microphone switch
Press this button to start up the terminal. Themicrophone can be ON/OFF.
4,Priority button
Press this button to close all active congress terminals. This button is available for the chairman terminal only.
5, Embedded 4Ω3W loudspeaker

Lateral side
6. Headphone output interface with a 3.5mm jack
7. Audio output interface with a 3.5mm jack
For connecting to a recording device to do
8. Volume +
9. Volume –
10. IC card slot
For inserting a card to register attendance.

Bottom side and rear side
11. Battery

GONSIN10000S Congress Server

♦ Fully digital technology for audio signal processing and transmission, which complies with the IEC 60914 international standards for conference systems; complete digitalized congress server;
♦ The congress server platform is based on Linux operating system, applicable for any large convention center requiring strict working conditions;
♦ High performance DSP solution optimized for digital audio processing; support 48Hz and 32Hz audio sampling rate, makes sound effect better;
♦ Unified Server Shutdown function
♦ The server comes with a LCD panel and navigation buttons, which is for all function setup operation;
♦ Built-in 8x1+3 video matrix switcher
♦ Extended module for HD camera tracking
♦ Built-in module for treble and bass compensation


♦ Based on digital control structure and high-speed CPU, more stable and higher speed processing performance;
♦ Sound pickup sensitivity of the terminals can be adjusted individually or collectively via the server in according to the speaker’s sound;
♦ Multiple speaking modes: Operator, Auto, FIFO and etc.
♦Operator can click terminal icons for terminal management such as allow or reject the delegate to speak( with management software or central control unit)
♦ An unique ID number is given to every server for equipment installation, test running, orderly management and technical support
♦ Up to 4 microphones can be active simultaneously (1 chairman terminal +1/2/3 delegate terminal)
♦ Terminal number writing can be done, which makes the equipment convenient
♦ Support congress terminals to be shut down in batch, which helps effectively to reduce workload
♦ The server comes with LCD panel and navigation buttons, which displays the speaking mode, system status and other information, enable to manage and set the congress terminal. Multilanguage is supported;
♦ Treble/bass compensation for excellent sound quality
♦ Auto camera tracking with preset panoramic position. Built-in 8×1+3 SD video matrix, support 8×8 HD camera tracking by adding video camera tracking matrix
♦ Support audio and video recording ( with the video capture card);
♦ Could integrated with paperless system to realize voting, evaluation, election and quick elect function;

Technical Specifications

System capacity

Single wireless AP :75 Terminals ; can be extended to 450 terminals with extra wireless AP

Frequency response


Signal to noise ratio


Distortion Degree

0.5% (50HZ8KHZ)

System stability communication distance


LCD panel

128x64 dot matrix

Main supply

AC110~220V±10% 50~60Hz

Audio Output

LINE OUT: +20dBu


1 x six-pin interface( for connecting to interpreter console);
1 x balance audio output;
2x non-balance audio output
2x RJ-45 (to connect a wireless AP and PC)
1x RS-232( to connect camera tracking switcher)
1x RS-485 ( to connect camera)

Max audio output



19" standard cabinet

Dimensions ( W×H×D)




Operating temperature


Storage temperature



Function Indicators

Front side
1. Power
2. LCD screen
LCD screen could display the operation model with multiple language system menu
3. LCD setting keys, including up, down, left, right, SET;
4. Bass knob (BASS);
5. Treble knob (TREBLE)
6. General volume knob (VOL)

Rear side
7. Two unbalanced output interface;
RCA output interface for connecting to power amplifier or mixer
8. One-way balanced audio output interface
Cannon output interface, for connecting to power amplifier or mixer
9. RS-485 COM interface( RS-485 TO CAMERA)
Two pairs of connecting terminals to connect 256 dome cameras or control keyboard with RS-485
PELCOP9600 communication protocol or VISCA-9600 communication protocol
10. USB interface for commissioning
11. RS-232 interface (RS-232 to PC)
12. One six-pin interface( connect to interpreter console)
13. Two network interfaces
For connecting to AP, or connecting to PC and external system software
14. 8-channel RCA video input interface ( VIDEO INPUT)
Connection with auto video tracking signal from up to 8 dome cameras
15. 4-channel RCA video output interface ( VIDEO OUTPUT)
16. Power interface(AC 110-220V 50Hz

GONSIN10000I Simultaneous Interpretation Server

♦ In compliance with IEC60914 standard and adoption of digital audio processing and transmission techniques to implement a digitalized server;
♦ Based on Linux platform, the server has robust stability and thus applicable to large-sized convention centers with strict running conditions;
♦ Based on digital control framework and high-speed CPU, the system has more stable performance and higher processing speed;
♦ Utilize SHA-1 data encryption and WPA encryption, ensuring the security of conference data, protect the wireless communication from illegal trespassing;
♦ System has excellent extendibility, which can co-operate with GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation, IR simultaneous interpretation system, Z3 series wired simultaneous interpretation system, to build a super-large-scale simultaneous interpretation system;
♦ Excellent compatibility, support external interpretation audio source input , which is convenient for customers to integrate systems and save budget;
♦ Multiple interpretation output/ audio input channels.


♦ Co-operate with GONSIN10000S congress server to extend the wireless simultaneous interpretation function;
♦ 6 channels Digital to Analog convert function, support multiple interpretation input or output;
♦ Cascading function with interpreter console and simultaneous interpretation system, which can cooperate with GONSIN FS-FHSS wireless simultaneous interpretation, IR simultaneous interpretation system, Z3 series wired simultaneous interpretation system, to build a super-large-scale simultaneous interpretation system;
♦ Via RCA interfaces, external audio source can be connected to GONSIN10000I simultaneous interpretation server, to realize 6 channels interpretation signal sharing, which is easy to integrate simultaneous interpretation equipment from different brands and extend the system;
♦ Multiple channels for interpretation signal output, support sound recording;
♦ Level indicating function, support dynamic level indicating;
♦ Alarm linkage, support urgent audio switch;
♦ Standard 2U design, to be installed in 19 inches cabinet;

Technical Specifications

Channel number



Channel Level Indicating

Audio input/output

RCA non-balance*6

Audio Frequency response







6 unbalance audio input(RCA jack)
6 unbalance audio output(RCA jack)
2 DB25 Interpretation interfaces
1 RJ45
internet interface
1 6
-pin jack
1 group
of alarm interfaces


AC 100~240V50~60Hz


19 inches standard cabinet


485mm×325mm×90mm 2U



Working temperature


Storage temperature



Function Indicators

Front panel
1. Power switch (POWER);
2. Dynamic Level Indicator of each channel, dynamic display, volume adjustment

Rear panel
3. Audio input/output channel 0~5(CH0~CH5);
4. Alarm system interface;
5. Simultaneous interpretation system extension interface;
6. Interpreter console interface;
7. Internet interface;
8. Power interface.

WAP-10B Wireless AP


♦ Support 2.4G/5.2G/5.8G triple-band wireless communication;

♦ Built-in high gain antenna, strong signal, stable communication;

♦ Co-operate with multiple systems without any interference

♦ Elegant industry design, harmony with conference venues.


♦ Power adjustment, power can be adjusted according to the size of conference venue;

♦ Support multiple AP cascading to extend the system, easy to build up a large-scale conference system;

♦ Frequency band navigation, lead terminals to be connected to the best frequency band;

♦ Support POE power supply, less cabling, easy to install;

♦ Support ceiling/wall-mounting/desktop installation, flexible for various conference installation environment;

Technical Specifications

Max.transmission rate2.4G/5.2G/5.8G
Frequency range1.167Gbps
Interfaces1*RJ45 interface to connect the server or switcher( for multiple APs)
1*RJ45 Interface for Console maintenance
One AP capacityOne DC power interface to connect 48V external power 35 terminals
Dimension210 mm×210 mm×44mm (L*W*H)
Working temperature-10~50
Storage temperature-40~70
Signal coverage30m (stable communication distance)
PowerDC48VPoE power supply(802.3at802.3af)

CHG-10A Charging Cabinet


♦ Real time management of battery and charging current
♦ Green/Red LED indicator lights for charging status
♦ Charging contacts are designed to prevent wrong-way insertion


♦ Real time management of battery and charging current,extending battery lifetime ;
♦ With an independent modular design for the charging circuit; automatical battery detection (without inserting the batteries, charging module will not work );
♦ Smart charger for 10 Li-ion battery packs, with 5-hour charging time ;
♦ Green/Red LED indicator lights for charging status.

Technical Specifications

Power supply




Charging time

5 hours


6.7Kg(net weight)/8.7 Kg(full load)



Operating temperature


Storage temperature



Function Indicators

1.Power switch
2.Power port (AC 110-220V 50Hz)
3.Charging Grid, to charge the battery by inserting the metal side facing down
4.Charging indicator light, when not fully charged, the red indicator light is on
5.Charging indicator light, when fully charged, the green indicator light is on

 System Diagram