Line Array Series Speaker

Dual 5-inch Line Array Series Speaker
The dual 5-inch line array speaker is a small line array set. GX-SP2005DL-Z is equipped with two 5-inch imported units and three neodymium 0.5-inch tweeters. As units and bass units are matched with each other and, mid frequency is outstanding and clear. With GX-SP2012SSB-Z 12-inch passive subwoofer, the sound of the subwoofer is enhanced, making the sound field more full and powerful. GX-SP2005DL-Z has a exquisite and simple design. GX-SP2005DL-Z has 9 angle stands installed on the back panel for easy adjustment of angles in different occasions. The whole system is simple and practical.


◆ The Celestion unit is used in both treble and bass
and the sound is powerful.
◆ Multiple combinations: linear array or with stand
◆ Unique design


◆ Rectangular parallelepiped structure cabinet
◆ No side design, With structural handle
◆ Unit with hidden structure
◆ Side stand holes for use with full range
◆ Small size, not affect the overall decoration
◆ Light weight for easy installation and remove


Model GX-SP2005DL-Z GX-SP2012SSB-Z
Type Dual 5-inch Line Array Speaker Passive Subwoofer
Power MPO:240W; PEAK: 480W RMS: 300W; PEAK: 600W
Frequency response range 90~20KHz(-10dB) 45~2.8KHz(-10dB)
MAX SPL 124dB 95dB±3dB
Unit configuration 2*5” Bass unit,
1.3" High temperature resistant voice coil
1*1" Treble unit,
1"High temperature resistant voice coil
Bass unit: 1*12" low frequency/
2" High temperature resistant
voice coil
Dispersion 100° Horizontal, 5° Vertical /
Adjustable angle 0°~15° /
Crossover frequency 2KHz
Input interface Two SPEAKON interface
Mesh enclosure 1.0T Steel mesh + Foam /
Protection / Double insurance bulb + PCT Electronic dynamic protection
Appearance Black plastic cabinet, steel mesh and foam, two sides with installation stand, waterproof coating Plywood trapezoidal cabinet,Black spray paint
Dimensions(W*D*H) 430*304*161mm 540*510*250mm
Net weight 8Kg 18.5Kg

Dual 12-inch Line Array Series Speaker
The GX-SP2012DL-Z line array speaker is a large scale two-way crossover system providing a bandwidth of 55Hz-20KHz .It is fitted with two British top-level 44 mm voice coil HF drivers coupled to special constant -path aluminum horn and two 12-inch LF drivers with great dynamic margin. It produces strong penetrating power, clear and thick vocals and super high sound pressure level. The whole product is beautiful and concise in shape, and exquisite in appearance, which is a extremely competitive large-scale line array system.
The GX-SP2018DSBB-Z subwoofer uses a custom-made speaker unit that is precisely modulated and the cabinet is a symmetrical compression design. It employs two 18" drivers in symmetrically compressed enclosure, featuring extremely deep low frequency which has strong power and elasticity at the same time.
Combined with GX-SP2012DL-Z, it generates a large dynamic, high SPL, clear and delicate sound as well as a tunable full-range response range.

Technical Specifications

Model GX-SP2012DL-Z GX-SP2018DSBB-Z
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency range 50Hz~20KHz(-10dB) 35Hz~350Hz(-10dB)
MAX SPL 137dB(EIAJ) 139dB
Power(RMS) 600W/ 2400W(PEAK) 1200W/ 4800W(PEAK)
Horizontal coverage angle 120° /
Vertical coverage angle 10° /
MID LF unit 2*12 Mid Low,3"High power voice coil Ceramic alloy magnet,Waterproof paper cone 2*18"Subwoofer,4"High power voice coil Ceramic alloy magnet,Waterproof paper cone
HF unit 2*1"Titanium film,Neodymium magnet, 1.75"tube /
Sensitivity(1m/1W) 103dB /
Hanger/Installation Hanger for line array, two handles 36mm stand holder,hanger for line array, two handles
Cabinet 18mm birch plywood, black spray paint, metal mesh
Signal connector Two parallel socket of SPEAKON
Product Dimensions(W*D*H) 1010*520*350mm 1010*835*550mm
Net weight 46.5Kg 93Kg

Dual 8-inch Line Array Series Speaker

GX-SP2008DL-Z series dual 8-inch line array speaker is equipped with a two high-performance 8-inch bass units. The treble unit suppresses and modifies its UHF through DSP, so mid and high frequency is euphonious without noise and low frequency is soft, up to the maximum sound pressure level. The crossover point of the speaker's unique built-in crossover closely controls the overall coordination of the sound, which makes the sound softer and fuller than the sound of the traditional speaker. The mid-high pitch of the speaker adopts a high Q value and constant directivity coverage angle horn of horizontal and vertical controls the sound field coverage with the futures of the unique Hi-Fi sound, clear pronunciation,excellent treble and bass, high fidelity, max sound pressure level, accurate sound positioning and so on. The entire line array system has a extraordinary penetration and high-fidelity sound in the mid-long distance, suitable for theaters,, halls, multi-function halls, stadiums and so on.

Technical Specifications

Model GX-SP2008DL-Z GX-SP2018SSBB-Z
Impedance 16Ω
Frequency range 65Hz~20KHz(-10dB) 37Hz~200Hz(-10dB)
MAX SPL 126dB(EIAJ) 129dB
Power(RMS) 400W/ 800W(PEAK) 750W/ 1500W(PEAK)
Horizontal coverage angle 100° /
Vertical coverage angle 7.5° /
MID LF unit 2X8 Mid Low, 2"High power voice coil 18"Subwoofer, 4"High power voice coil
Ceramic alloy magnet, Waterproof paper cone
HF unit 2X1.4"Titanium film,Neodymium magnet, 1"tube /
Sensitivity(1m/1W) Passive crossover, 97dB SPL /
Hanger/Installation Hanger for line array, two handles 36mm stand holder,hanger for line array, two handles
Cabinet 18mm plywood, black spray paint, metal mesh
Signal connector Two parallel socket of SPEAKON, input1+/1- output 1+/1
Product Dimensions(W*D*H) 690*420*280mm 690*715*630mm
Packing Dimensions(W*D*H) 754*538*392mm 795*920*690mm
Net weight 26Kg 69.7Kg
Gross weight 31Kg 77Kg