Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters of Central Control Server (DIN-rail) GX-CLOUD730S

Memory1G RAM, 8G Flash memory
Main frequency4-core CPU, 1.4GHz main frequency, 32-bit embedded processor
Digital I/O portsDefault support for 3-way IO, up to 8-way customizable support
IR ports

Support 1-way infrared

RS-232 PortSupport 3-way RS-232
RS-485 PortSupport 3-way RS-485
DMX512 PortSupport 3-way DMX512
Contact Port (Optional)Support 3-way contact
CAN bus signal management1-way CAN bus signal management with power supply
Power supplyDC24V/3A, power consumption <5W
Mounting MethodBox rail mounting, 8P specifications
Dimensions (L×W×H)