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Central Control Server (DIN-rail) GX-CLOUD730S

1 gx cloud730s
1 gx cloud730s

Features of Central Control Server (DIN-rail) GX-CLOUD730S

  • DIN-rail design, with working indicator, interface working indicator, network working indicator, cloud service indicator can directly display the working status of the host.

  • Designed based on cloud technology, it supports automatic system cloud diagnosis, cloud backup and cloud recovery to ensure stable system operation and prevent accidental data loss.

  • Support single system, multi-system local or off-site cluster management, realize interconnection and mutual control between systems, and support hierarchical authority management.

  • Support interconnection and mutual control of LAN devices, support interconnection and mutual control of Internet devices after system cloud deployment, support remote control, remote debugging, remote reservation and remote troubleshooting.

  • Support interconnection of everything, can access CAN, I/O contact, IR control, RELAY, RS232, RS485, DMX512, TCP, UDP, API interface (http), SDK development kit docking, database, the system seamlessly connects to the public trust conference management system, support system visualization management.

  • With timeline multi-threaded event editing function

  • Support voice control, voice feedback function

  • Automatic clock synchronization function, can accurately execute user-defined time reservation function, can be accurate to the year, month, day, minute, minute and second.

  • The system can be expanded by wireless or wired, and the single system supports the expansion of 65535 bus devices.

  • The system supports self-backup function of the host, dual-machine backup function, remote cloud backup function, with high security performance.

  • Open and modularized programming mode, support for a variety of controls, easy to learn programming, high flexibility.

  • Support Android, IOS, Windows platform control at the same time.

  • Can be expanded by adding external expansion terminals, flexible and convenient.

  • Configuration of 4-core 1.0GHz multi-threaded multi-core processor, 32-bit embedded processor, 1G memory, 8G Flash memory.

  • The host supports one screen with multiple machines, multiple screens with one machine, multiple screens with multiple machines and other docking methods.

  • 3-way serial port with customizable protocols, using 3.8mm Phoenix terminal interface, according to the need to configure RS232, RS485, DMX512 protocols, the first and third support 24V power output

  • Support 1 channel CAN bus signal management with power supply, baud rate is 125Kbps.

  • Support 3 contact outputs, each of which can support 30V/1A DC, 125V/0.5A AC loads.

  • With 3-way IO digital signal input interface and 1-way IR infrared transmitter control output interface, support for full-band carrier infrared modulation signal transmission

  • With network LAN interface, support for TCP, UDP, API interface (http), SDK development kit docking, database docking

  • Support operation record saving, query function

  • Can monitor the real-time operation status of the controlled equipment, fault feedback.

  • With media streaming transmission function, can simultaneously transmit 8-channel 720P media stream signal.

  • Support audio signal conversion control, through the calculation and analysis of the spectrum to achieve control of peripheral equipment

  • Internal power supply voltage 24V, power consumption <5W

Technical Parameters of Central Control Server (DIN-rail) GX-CLOUD730S

Memory1G RAM, 8G Flash memory
Main frequency4-core CPU, 1.4GHz main frequency, 32-bit embedded processor
Digital I/O portsDefault support for 3-way IO, up to 8-way customizable support
IR ports

Support 1-way infrared

RS-232 PortSupport 3-way RS-232
RS-485 PortSupport 3-way RS-485
DMX512 PortSupport 3-way DMX512
Contact Port (Optional)Support 3-way contact
CAN bus signal management1-way CAN bus signal management with power supply
Power supplyDC24V/3A, power consumption <5W
Mounting MethodBox rail mounting, 8P specifications
Dimensions (L×W×H)


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