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Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

GONSIN intelligent conference management software V7.1.0 is a sort of background management software for pre-conference, conference, after-conference periods. It bases on networked and digital design, comes with conference data entry, conference management, conference data analysis and other functions. It also provides simple visual operation interface, supports customized interfaces, is easy to use.

Software can operate on the mainstream WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operation system, easily realize intelligent and human-friendly effective conference management.

Conference Event Management Software
Conference Event Management Software

System Features of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

Networked, Digital System Platform of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • Based on networked and digital design, it connects to conference devices in operation to realize the real-time interaction between management software and device data.

  • The software is based on a modular design, covering a full range of products' functions. It supports customized setting and function modular in according to users' demands.

Equipment Management of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • Users can search ande set conference equipment by the software to realize central management After started up, the software will search to the server device in the network and automatically connect to the server.

Intelligent Participants' Data Creation of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • If there is discontinuous number of conference devices and make it difficult to create participants' data, users can create participants' data with one click.

Conference Topic Creation of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • It supports conference topic creation and topic voting. Users can preset conference topic, edit conference's name, data, place, content and other information, set conference discussion, conference voting and others by conference management software to satisfy the acutal conference demands.

Data Management After Conference of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • After the end of conference, users can analyse and manage the data by the software, including data checking, data backup export. The conference content could be printed.

Function Introduction of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

Language Setting of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • It supports language setting, after the installation, user can Select the cooresponding language. Customized language is supported.

Conference Preparation of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • Support information entry, scuh as equipment management, staff data, camera setting, seating setting, card writer, language setting, conference information, topic, attendees, customize screen and etc.

Hold Conference of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • Provide multiple screen display and system control functions, such as attendance registration, topic management, discussion control and etc.

After Conference Process of Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (PL)

  • After the end the conference, it begins the after-conference information process, the functions include conference information saving, delegate information management, attendance registration information management( delegate list, delegate checking, print report and etc), voting results management( voting, evaluation, election, check or print grading results), and others.

  • Compatible with other devices from GONSIN, satisfy the demand for operation of various equipments.

  • Network-based design, suitbale for WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operation system.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Information

Conference Information:

user can creat a new conference name and relative content, supports editing, deleting conference content.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Topic

Conference Topic:

users can set the conference topic and relative contents, upload conference files in according to conference agenda.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Participants


user can select the participants from a person list.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Equipment

Equipment management:

in this interface, users can search the online equipments.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Person Data

Person Data:

in according to the online equipments, users can create person data, such as name, gender, position, seat number, and support adding, deleting, clearing of participants' data.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Person

Seat Setting:

users can set the seats in according to the conference venue, make the management more convenient.

Conference Management System Softwarev7.1.0 Seat Setting

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