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Gonsin Conference System Domestic Projects

GONSIN has successfully applied in over ten thousand significant domestic conference projects, including the Exchange Center of Ministry of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, Guizhou Provincial Political Consultative Conference, Anhui Provincial High People's Court, etc. Users span across dozens of fields, including party committees, people's congresses, political consultative conferences, governments, parliaments, conference centers, hotels, education, courts, military, hospitals, religious institutions, enterprises, and more.

Ministry of Commerce, P.R.China

PLA General Staff Headquarters, Beijing

Beijing Chongwen People's Congress

Beijing Dongcheng People's Congress

Beijing Capital International Airport

All-China Journalists Association

Yuyang Int'l Convention Centre, Beijing

Beijing International Trade Centre

Shanghai Xuhui People's Government

Shanghai International Port Group

Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp

Fudan University, Shanghai City

Tongji University, Shanghai City

Tianjin Garrison Military Base

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group

Guangzhou Military Region headquarters

Guangzhou Yuexiu People's Congress

Shenzhen City People's Congress

Shunde People's Congress, Guangdong

Dongguan People's Congress, Guangdong

Shantou People's Congress, Guangdong

Jiangmen City Procuratorate, Guangdong

Guangdong Press & Publication Bureau

China Southern Power Grid Company

People's Bank of China, Guangzhou City

Maoming International Hotel, Guangdong

Party School of the CPC Guangzhou Committee

Xiamen City People's Convention Centre

Xiamen City People's Government

Xiamen Institute of Technology

Xiamen Garrison of the PLAParty School of the CPC Fuzhou Committee

Lanzhou City Intermediate People's Court

Yumen Oilfield Base, Jiuquan City

Guangxi Political Consultative Conference

Liuzhou City People's Government

Guiyang Government Convention Centre

Guizhou Industrial & Commercial Bank

China Mobile Corporation, Guiyang

Harbin Institute of Technology

Hainan Harbour & Shipping Holding

Baoding City People's Congress

Qinhuangdao City People's Congress

Tangshan City People's Congress

Kaifeng City People's Congress

Zhengzhou City Public Security Bureau

Luoyang City Opera House

Daqing City Government Convention Centre

Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau

China Mobile Corporation, Heilongjiang

Hubei Provincial Department of Commerce

China Mobile, Hubei Branch

Bank of Communications, Hubei Branch

Hubei Provincial People's Government

Wuhan City People's Government

Yichang City People's Congress

Luoyang City People's Congress

Hunan Provincial People's Government

Xiangtan City People's Government

Shaoshan People's Government

Yueyang City People's Congress

Shaoyang City People's Congress

Hengyang Customs, Hengyang City

Hunan Telecom Corp, Changsha City

Hunan University, Changsha City

Hunan University of Defense Technology

Yanbian City People's Great Hall

Changchun First Automotive Works Group

Xuzhou Government Service Centre

Lianyungang Government Convention Centre

Nanjing Municipal People's Procuratorate

Agricultural Bank of China, Suzhou City

Jiaxing City People's Congress Centre

Shenyang Aerospace University

Shenyang City People's Congress

China Petroleum Corporation, Dalian City

Shenyang University of Technology

Shenyang Olympic Sports Centre

Baotou City People's Congress

Baotou City People's Government

Baotou City People's Procuratorate

Hohhot Grand Theatre, Hohhot City

Yinchuan City Government Convention Centre

Yinchuan City International Trade Centre

Public Security Bureau of Ningxia Region

China Petroleum Corporation, Yinchuan City

Qinghai Lake Grand Hotel, Xining City

Weihai City People's Congress

Yantai City Public Security Bureau

Dongying City Convention Centre

Yantai Expo Centre, Yantai City

Weifang City Olympic Sports Centre

Zibo City Intermediate People's Court

Shanxi Provincial People's Government

Yan'an City People's Government

Huayin City People's Congress

Panzhihua Government Convention Centre

Zigong City Public Security Bureau

Chengdu TV Station, Chengdu City

Panzhihua Iron and Steel Group

Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu City

Tianjin Garrison Military Base

Tianjin Pharmaceutical Group

Urumqi City People's Congress

Karamay City People's Congress

Urumqi Civil Aviation Authority

Urumqi International Airport

Baoshan Convention Center, Yunnan

Yunnan Provincial Education Department

Kunming City Intermediate People's Court

Hangzhou International Convention Centre

Furama Hotel, Shaoxing City

Buddhist Institute, Hangzhou City

Huangshan City People's Congress

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