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Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (ASR)

ASR Automatic Speech Recognition Module V7.1.0 (ASR) is the voice transcribing function module of conference management software V7.1.0, which realizes the voice to text function. Before the meeting, set the conference units of each participant with the corresponding roles. During meetings, the speech recognition module can recognize the voice flow of each conference unit in real-time, generate independent voice recording files and transcribed text files of each role synchronously, and present them in the operation computer and large screen display. Also, it can be saved as a text + voice meeting minutes file based on the set template.

Online Conference Management
Online Conference Management

Functions of Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (ASR)

  • Real time speech recognition of each role to generate a separate voice recording file

  • The speech of each role is recognized and transcribed into text in real time, and a separate text file is generated

  • It can be used with Gonsin 20000S series or Leader series conference system, supporting multiple microphones active at the same time. The speech of each microphone can be recognized in real time; A separate voice recording file is generated and transcribed into text (the authorized number of voice transcribing module should match the number of simultaneous active microphones)

  • It can be used with Gonsin Z4 Series conference system to support one active microphone. The voice of the microphone can be recognized in real time, generate a separate voice recording file and transcribe it into text

  • It can merge the text and voice recording of each role, merge and generate meeting minutes, and support text export

  • Intelligent semantic recognition and intelligent sentence segmentation based on semantics

  • Voice recording and transcribed text can be played back synchronously and displayed in contrast to realize intelligent document correction

  • It supports keyword retrieval function, can locate the corresponding content quickly, and greatly improves the efficiency of content retrieval

  • It supports the main screen and split screen display, real-time display of transcribed text on the main screen of the operating computer, and put it into the large screen display system, support screen resolution adaptive

  • Transcribed text can be displayed on Gonsin paperless terminal in real time

  • Conference system management and setting (e.g. equipment search, terminal ID, sensitivity)

  • Conference information editing and management (conference content editing, personnel information setting, conference unit role setting, etc.)

  • Compatible with different Gonsin conference system series

  • Support screen customization, the editing of visual interface e.g. text font, color, picture and associated data. Support fast switching of multiple interface styles

  • The software supports secondary development; the interface protocol can be open for customized development on project request

Technical Parameters of Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (ASR)

SystemWin7 / win8 / win10 operating system 32 / 64 bit
CPUI7 or above
Hard disk capacity500GB or above
Memory capacity16GB or above
Graphics cardThe independent graphics card supports VGA / HDMI / DVI interface, and supports split screen display
PC interface1*RS-232 interface and 2*RJ45 interfaces
PC communicationEthernet/RS-232

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