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Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C

The high-performance ceiling-mounted speaker adopts 6.5 coaxial unit, which has a wider frequency response. It adopts higher hardness metal horn, which can better protect the internal unit. At the same time, the horn structure conforms to the acoustic design, minimizing the formation of standing waves and making the sound reproduction effect clearer and purer. The installation bracket is attached, and the phoenix interface connection is used at the same time, which makes the project installation very simple. The simple design makes it better integrated into the venue. In general, it adopts a multi-point dispersion sound reinforcement method with multiple ceiling speakers in a venue, which can ensure a uniform sound field and enhance the proportion of direct sound.

Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C
Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C
Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C
Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C

Features of Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C

  • 6.5”coaxiing driver

  • Metal horn structure design

  • 4P phoenix contact

  • With installation stand

Technical Specifications of Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C

TypesPassive coaxial ceiling speaker
Unit compositionBass: 1×8 inches
Tweeter: 1×1 inches
Bass: 1×6.5 inches
Tweeter: 1×3/4 inches
Frequency response50Hz-20kHz100Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity (1W/1m)92dB88dB±3dB
Rated power/peak power80W/160W40W/100W
Maximum/peak sound pressure level94±3dB92dB
Rated impedance8Ω/100V/70V16Ω
Covering angle (H×V)90°×90°
Connection socket1×Phoenix
Size (D×H)Φ320×H245mm (without stand)Φ252×H171mm (without stand)
Package Size800×410×380mm ? 2PCS?710×310×252mm? 2PCS?
Hole Size292mm (board thickness
greater than 10mm)
225mm (board thickness greater
than 10mm), space height>200mm
Net weight5.2kg2.6kg
Package colorWhite
Hanging/installation device-Ceiling speaker stand

Applications of Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C

  • Conference room

  • Multifunctional hall

  • Exhibition Center

Product Drawing of Ceiling Speaker GX-SP1003B/GX-SP1003C

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