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Considerations for Purchasing a Wireless Conference System

Wireless Conference System has become a common choice for various types of meetings, but there are some key considerations to keep in mind before purchasing to ensure you select a system that meets your needs.

Wireless Conference System Does It Sound Natural?

The conference system should improve the clarity of the meeting room and avoid causing hearing fatigue to the participants. To achieve this, the conference system should produce natural sound at a comfortable volume level. Be sure to make comparisons before making a decision, preferably parallel comparisons. Listening to poor quality or unnatural sound systems can make participants feel annoyed, which defeats the purpose of the system.

Wireless Conference System Requires High-Quality Batteries

Obviously, wireless means the need to use battery power. Ensure that the Wireless Conference System batteries can continuously supply power normally during meetings, ideally for more than one meeting. It is important to understand: batteries using old technology (such as NiMH) consume faster over time due to the "memory effect". Therefore, it's best to choose lithium-ion (Li-ion): it is minimally or not affected by the "memory effect" and can be charged before being completely discharged.

Choose the Appropriate Wireless Technology

There are two main technologies for wireless conferencing: Radio Frequency (RF) and Infrared (IR). Choose the most suitable one (or both) depending on how the system will be used.


Is It Compatible with Wireless Lan?

In most cases, RF-based systems can provide the greatest flexibility. However, from an IT management perspective, it's crucial to understand how the new system integrates with the existing (wireless) infrastructure.

Look for a system that provides plenty of channels within the 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequency ranges to help you with channel planning. This way, the meeting can proceed smoothly without limiting WLAN usage.

Managing During the Meeting

Check which tools are available to monitor the system without interrupting the meeting. Ask yourself the following questions:

Can I see the system's frequency? Can I switch to another frequency during the meeting without participants noticing?

Can I see the status of each battery during the meeting?

Can I remotely turn off a microphone that was accidentally turned on?

Understand the Minimal Usable Configuration

Wireless Conference System at least has an access point or base station and wireless delegate units. However, some systems also require an additional central unit and control software. Make sure you know the full configuration needed. The appropriate full configuration can avoid unnecessary budget costs.

Limitations of the Wireless Conference System

Take some time to understand the limitations of the system. Understand what the system can do to grasp the key points. But think from the opposite perspective, i.e., consider the system's limitations, which might reveal unexpected things. If your needs change, or you overlook important aspects of the initial requirements list, considering the system's limitations can avoid unnecessary trouble.


We all like to ignore it but must remember: the system is an electronic product, and it may fail. When a failure occurs, make sure you can get reliable support from the supplier.

In summary, be sure to consider the important points mentioned above before purchasing a Wireless Conference System to ensure that the selected system can meet meeting needs and be stable and reliable during use.

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