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Power Manager GX-P708S

It is applied to control the lights power and other devices' power in various conference venues, supporting power input and output by strong current or weak current. With rack-mount design, it can be installed in 19 inches standard cabinet.

Centralised Control System
Centralised Control System

Features of Power Manager GX-P708S

  • Cooperate with the central control system

  • 19 inches standard cabinet installation, make device management more convenient

  • The panel comes with built-in signal feedback system to show the working status of the device directly

  • The deice comes with two switch controls via software or panel control, allow user to turn off manually without connection with the controller

  • Each single-way relay comes with a pair of normally open and normally closes contacts

  • More than 8-way large current relay with normally open and normally closes contacts

  • Support CAN bus communication mode, RS-232 can be customized

  • Settable Network ID

  • Two control methods: bus and manual

Technical Parameters of Power Manager GX-P708S

Single way power≤2200W
Three sets of LED power per channel≤360W
4-10 sets of LED power per channel≤60W
More than 10 sets of LED power per channel≤18W
Total power≤16000W
Communication MethodsCAN bus communication
Control MethodsBus/Manual
Power Supply24V DC bus power
Relay channel number8 channels
Contact StructureA pair of normally open, normally closed contacts

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