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GONSIN Conference Digital Microphone Discussion System can realize the functions of discussion, simultaneous interpretation, voting, etc., with wired and wireless discussion terminals. The wireless conference room sound system includes 10000N Series Seamless Compatible Wired and Wireless Conference System, 20000S Series Fully Digital Congress System, 30000S Series FS-FHSS Wireless Congress System and Leaders Series Rectangular Columnar Short Microphone.

Types of Conference Digital Microphone Discussion System

In a typical conference setting, each participant has an individual conference meeting microphone unit. This allows them to talk to other attendees through a small or large conference room speaker system and listen to others. GONSIN offers the ideal conference room microphone solution that makes sure every word will reach the audience or the interlocutor reliably and crystal clear.


Features of Mic System for Conference Room

GONSIN Boardroom Microphone System is with advanced technologies, such as dual chain backups technology, FS-FHSS frequency selecting-and-hopping technology, triple-band communication technology and wired and wireless seamless compatible technology.

  1. Discussion Microphone: A discussion microphone is a type of microphone that is designed specifically for use in conference rooms. It allows participants to speak clearly and be heard by everyone in the room.

  2. Conference Discussion System: A conference discussion system is a system that is designed to facilitate discussions in a conference or meeting room. It typically includes microphones, speakers, and a control unit.

  3. Microphone Discussion System: A microphone discussion system is a system that includes microphones and a control unit designed specifically for discussions in a conference or meeting room. It allows for clear communication between participants.

How to choose a Conference Digital Microphone Discussion System?

The conference meeting microphone is a major addition to your A/V reserve. Besides the conference microphone system price, it is also vital to consider some other factors while buying conference microphone to meet your various needs.


A good conference microphone discussion system must meet your application requirements. It is best to consider the use scenarios before choosing the right conference room mic system. 

Number of participants

You need to know the number of participants at the meeting to confirm the total number of microphones. Most MCU can hold hundreds of units. 

Sound and signal quality

Old analog audio signals are more difficult to control, so the quality is questioned. However, most systems are now digitized to improve audio quality and advanced signal processing. At the same time, it needs to be combined with speakers, power amplifier and other power amplifier or system integration to ensure the overall sound quality.

FAQs of Conference Discussion System

FAQs of Conference Discussion System


How to choose Large Conference/Meeting Room Microphone System?


In terms of buying a high-quality conference microphone, GOSIN will provide different conference room microphone solutions. Firstly, we will know well the user's requirements, such as the functions, number of units, the type of meetings and so on. Secondly, we will study the conference room, such as the dimensions, design, decoration, wiring and so on. Thirdly, we will offer suitable conference room microphone solutions.


Why use a microphone system for meeting room?

  • Sound reinforcement, offering better sound quality by using a conference room speaker system.

  • For the application requirements, such as conferences, lectures, teaching, and others.

  • Using the conference microphone system to realize the automatic speech recognition function, which can achieve real-time, complete, and orderly text transcription from sound, and ensure the text corresponds to each delegate's speech.

  • Using the conference room mic system to realize the automatic camera tracking function, which can close up the speakers and display them on the screen.

  • Using the conference mic system to realize the simultaneous interpretation function with wireless communication technology.


What are the benefits of using a Conference Discussion System?


Some of the benefits of using a Conference Discussion System include improved communication and collaboration among participants, increased engagement and participation, and enhanced productivity and efficiency.


Can a Conference Discussion System be used for remote or virtual meetings?


Yes, a Conference Discussion System can be used for remote or virtual meetings. In fact, many of these systems are specifically designed to facilitate collaboration among remote participants, allowing them to connect and communicate in real time from anywhere in the world.


How secure is a Conference Discussion System?


The level of security provided by a Conference Discussion System will depend on the specific system being used. However, most modern systems offer a range of security features, such as encryption, user authentication, and access controls, to help protect sensitive information and ensure that only authorized users have access to the system.

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