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GONSIN Conference Management Software Systems supports conference setting up, basic setting up, video management setting up, conference slogan, registration management, speaking management, voting management and information management after the conference, etc. The conference planning software provides a simple visual operation interface, support screen personalized customization, flexible, simple, easy to learn and use.

Types of Conference Management Software Systems

Large conferences are at the center of your event planning and marketing strategy. As one of the conference room equipment suppliers, Gonsin also provides Conference Management Software Systems with insight, experience, and technology to enhance your revenue potential. Whether you need a face-to-face conference platform, a virtual conference platform, or a hybrid conference platform, GONSIN is available to satisfy your needs.


What Is Conference Management System?

Conference management software streamlines the entire conference lifecycle, providing a centralized platform for pre-event planning, on-site coordination, and post-event analysis. Features include venue and equipment management, attendee registration, real-time scheduling, and seamless communications. The software increases efficiency, reduces administration, and ensures a smooth conference experience. With features such as automated notifications, attendance tracking, and data analysis, it optimizes resource utilization, improves collaboration, and provides valuable insights for future improvements, making it an indispensable tool for today's event organizers.

Gonsin Conference Management Software Solutions

Conference Management: The software facilitates comprehensive conference management by supporting functions such as agenda creation, attendee registration, and seamless integration with various conference equipment.

Multilingual Support: With built-in support for multiple languages, including Chinese, English, and Russian, as well as customization options, the software is ideal for international conferences where language diversity is a key consideration.

Comprehensive Conference Control: From venue setup and seat arrangement to conference initiation, registration, and microphone control, the software covers the entire spectrum of conference management, providing a centralized platform for efficient control and coordination.

Gonsin Conference Management Software System Advantages

  • Versatile Display Options:

The software supports various display modes, including main screen and split-screen displays, ensuring flexible presentation options for conferences with synchronized interfaces on large screens.

  • Redundancy and Backup:

Dual-chain hot backup to ensure uninterrupted meetings in case of computer failures.

Device management functions and online monitoring for system servers and conference equipment.

  • Comprehensive Personnel Management:

Data entry for participant details with online and offline creation modes.

Automatic camera tracking settings and support for various control protocols

FAQs of Conference Management Software

FAQs of Conference Management Software Systems


What are the features of GONSIN Intelligent Conference Management System Software V7.1.0?


GONSIN Intelligent Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 is a background management software for the three major conference stages before, during and after the conference. It is based on networked, digital design, with conference data entry, conference process management, post-meeting data analysis and other functions, and provides a simple visual operation interface, support screen personalized customization, flexible, simple, easy to learn and use.

The convention management software is suitable for use on the mainstream WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operating system, which can easily realize intelligent and humanized modernization and high efficiency.


Can GONSIN Conference Management System Software work with the various products of GONSIN?


GONSIN Conference Management System Software can be compatible with other devices from GONSIN, satisfy the demand for operation of various equipments.

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