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The IP Network system very suitable for government, army, fire alarm, rail way/ metro system, touring place, factory, bank, company, shopping mall, hotel, theater, gym, garden, street, village, safety city etc. public places. Easy operation and install, just connect the IP terminal into IP network would be huge IP broadcast system.

Types of Digital Public Address System




Jan 31-2023

FAQs of Digital Public Address System

FAQs of Digital Public Address System


What are the features of IP Public Address System?


It can operate stably for a long under a low and high-temperature environment, with high performance, low power consumption and 7*24 hours working design. And It can centrally manage all network terminal equipments and can upgrade and maintain the program source, timing scheme and equipment. Each terminal can be partitioned freely without line limitation.


How to find the corresponding devices of zones?


Right click the Zones, select the "Properties settings" in the pop-up menu, view the MAC address in the zone properties box, and use this address code to identify the corresponding device against the MAC address label on the rear panel of the terminal device.

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