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GONSIN Conference Voting System has two types of voting terminals: wired voting terminal and wireless voting terminals. By voting system, the participant can realize registration, voting, evaluation, election and grading. The conference equipment can automatically collect the statistic and display the results on the big screen, projection screen and other display devices. The results can also be printed or burned into CD to preserve.

Types of Conference Voting System


Features of Conference Voting System

GONSIN Conference Voting System operates stably and reliably, which fully guaranteed the voting rights of the participants.

FAQs of Conference Voting System

FAQs of Conference Voting System


What are the technologies of the wireless conference voting system?

  • A unique integrated computing technology of bi-directional estimates checksum with automatic tracking and checksum diversified is utilized to ensure the accurate results 

  • The functions of wireless signal online detection and frequency selection create unique environments to ensure that the system undisturbed

  • The data correction of multi-stage checking and the processing of encryption scrambling ensure the security of data


How do the voting units connect of the wired conference voting system?


All voting units of the digital conference system adopt T-type connection, and all adopt special 8-core cables, which makes the installation of all systems simple and quick.

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