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Model O Intelligent Noise-cancelling Array Microphone

intelligent noise cancelling array microphone14
intelligent noise cancelling array microphone 34
intelligent noise cancelling array microphone 24
intelligent noise cancelling array microphone14
intelligent noise cancelling array microphone 34
intelligent noise cancelling array microphone 24

Features of Model O Intelligent Noise-cancelling Array Microphone

  • Built-in 8-unit ring array digital microphone, 360° pick up with 10 meters in diameter , support voice gain adaptive, make sure that the voice does not fade as the pickup distance increases, with same pickup effect regardless of distance

  • Cooperate with Audio Solutions of Tencent Natural Sound. Based on deep learning algorithm model to achieve AI noise reduction, it can eliminate more than 300 kinds of common noises caused by tapping the desktop, keyboard or touch screen, or caused by the operation of air conditioner or fan in the venue

  • Support up to 4-microphone PoE network cable cascade. Support cascading with conference all-in-one large screen with built-in Tencent Natural Sound, to build a distributed solution of conference all-in-one large screen + microphone

  • Built-in high quality speaker, synchronized speech for two, adopt high-precision pickup and playback clock synchronization, combined with sound source positioning and microphone array algorithm to achieve multiple cascades of full-space coverage uniform pickup and playback

  • The bottom of the microphone is designed with a hidden cable interface to ensure stable connection and neat desktop. Support desktop, floor tripod, ceiling and other installation methods, adapting to complex installation environment (need to match the corresponding installation accessories)

  • Support standard POE, DC adapter and Type-C USB power supply methods, adapt to various power supply conditions

  • Support USB-connected computers, phones, tablets, all-in-one large screen with Windows/Mac/Android/Linux systems, suitable for meeting, training, recording and teaching and other remote video application scenarios

  • With Automatic Speech Recognition System, it can expand voice transcription function, realizing real-time subtitles, online translation, meeting recording and other functions (Additional voice recognition service need to be purchased for expanded functions)

Technical parameters of Model O Intelligent Noise-cancelling Array Microphone

Microphone8-unit digital microphone
Pointing CharacteristicsOmnidirectional
Signal to Noise Ratio68dB(A)
Maximum Sound Pressure Level130dB
Pickup rangeDiameter≤10m
Algorithm characteristicsAutomatic soft gain, AI to noise reduction,
AI to reverb elimination, intelligent echo cancellation
Cascade Characteristics1-4 units can connect with POE network cable
InterfaceRJ45×2, DC interface×1,USB Type-C×1
Power supplyDC48V/POE/USB
Size∅120mm ×70mm
Storage Temperature-20~50℃
Operating Temperature0~45℃
Power Rating4Ω5W
Effective frequency width80Hz~20kHz
Volume84±2dB, 1.0W/0.5m

With which video conferencing software platforms is GONSIN Array Microphone compatible?

GONSIN Array Microphone is compatible with a diverse range of video conferencing software platforms, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Webex by Cisco, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans, Adobe Connect, Slack, Skype, and many others.

What are the steps to configure the connection of GONSIN Array Microphone with a video conferencing software platform?

1. Connect the Hardware: Connect GONSIN Array Microphone to your computer via USB.


2. Open Video Conferencing Software: Launch the video conferencing software you want to use, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, etc.


3. Choose the Microphone: Select GONSIN Array Microphone from the dropdown menu as your preferred input device.


4. Test Audio: Find the test audio or echo test feature in the settings to ensure GONSIN Array Microphone is working properly and others can hear your voice.


5. Join the Meeting: After confirming your settings, you can join the video conference. GONSIN Array Microphone should be operational during the meeting.


Please note that specific steps may vary depending on the video conferencing software you're using.

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