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GONSIN Conference Public Address System is designed and tested by a highly qualified engineering team with rich experience. This conference equipment has stable power output, clear sound, strong penetrating power, and extremely high sound pressure level. With good transient response effect for high-power output,  it provides an excellent conference experience  for the users.

Types of Conference Public Address System


FAQs of Public Address System Products

FAQs of Conference Public Address System


What Does Gonsin's Pa System Include?


Full Range Speaker, Column Speaker, Ceiling Speaker, Monitor Wedge Speaker, Subwoofer Series, Line Array Series Speaker, Power Amplifier, Digital Audio Processor, Mixer, Wireless Microphone and so on.


What is the Feature of Ch Series Power Amplifier?


Ensuring high reliability and high quality output;

Operating-loid auto-recognized system built-in, ensuring all the best;

Optimized-operating status with different speaker's impedance;

Perfect protection circuit for short cut, over temperature and overload.


How to Install Gonsin‘s Ceiling Speaker?


It is easy to install your GONSIN series products at a place in safety way.If neccessary, you can make use of the attached"C" bracket and slid track to match up your installation, then rotating the mounting tabs to lock.

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