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GONSIN Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation System & Equipment is suitable for business and government conferences, international conventions and other multilingual applications. GONSIN innovated FS-FHSS (Frequency Selecting-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) technology. GONSIN Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation Device is highly flexible for conference places, suits various conference places including outdoor/indoor/ temporary/fixed conference places.

Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation Equipment For Sale

Do you find yourself often requiring conference simultaneous translation equipment? GONSIN provides a high-quality Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation System & Equipment at extremely competitive simultaneous translation equipment price to ensure the meeting effect. With years of experience in providing simultaneous translation devices and services to thousands of activities worldwide, GONSIN can help you find the best solutions for your multilingual occasion as one of the conference room equipment suppliers.


Features of Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation System & Equipment

The user can choose multiple channels of the simultaneous translation equipment and each channel can deliver a clear sound without interference. GONSIN's interpretation equipment for sale has different characteristics as follows.

FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System

  • This simultaneous interpretation system utilizes digital wireless communication and GONSIN innovated FS-FHSS( Frequency Selecting - Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum)technology.

  • The simultaneous translation device comes with super-strong anti-interference capability and broad bandwidth, providing perfect CD-level audio quality.

  • The simultaneous translation system utilizes the AES technique to encrypt data.

  • Effective communication distance is 50~500m.

  • Signals can be transmitted out in all directions.

  • Eight-channel is configured with one antenna unit, which reduces deployment difficulty and saves system investment.

  • The simultaneous interpretation receiver is able to modulate and transmit up to 16 channels at the same time, allowing participants to select a channel to hear the required language so long as he/she has a handheld or headset receiver.

    Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment

IR Simultaneous Interpretation System

  • The simultaneous translation equipment is designed to offer audio distribution for 4,6, 8 or 12 channels using advanced infrared transmission technology.

  • The simultaneous interpretation equipment system operates in the 2-6MHz frequency range which is immune to distortion from hall lighting and free from radio interference,

  • It is ideally suited for use in business and government conferences, international conventions and other multilingual applications.


How does the Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation System work?

A basic simultaneous interpretation system includes a set of simultaneous interpretation receivers and corresponding headphones for the audience, as well as a transmitter and microphone for translation. The aim is to allow the audience to understand the speaker while speaking without having to stop and wait for a translation. The interpreter performs simultaneous interpretation, also called, real-time simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter's microphone is connected to the transmitter, which signals to the personal wireless receiver, so everyone can listen to the native interpretation through their headphones. 

Why choose GONSIN Simultaneous Interpretation/Translation System & Equipment?

  • Customized Solutions

    GONSIN sets itself apart with its innovative FS-FHSS Wireless Translation System and IR Simultaneous Interpretation System, delivering customized solutions according to venue characteristics, user numbers, and language channel requirements. GONSIN ensures a professional and personalized solution to meet the unique needs of meetings or events.

  • Quick Response

    GONSIN's system excels in providing rapid and reliable responses, ensuring real-time language interpretation without delays. The system's low latency and efficient communication channels contribute to a smooth and uninterrupted interpretation experience, especially in dynamic and fast-paced environments.

  • Technology Support

    GONSIN is committed to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field of simultaneous interpretation. The system incorporates cutting-edge technology, such as advanced audio processing algorithms and wireless communication protocols, ensuring high-quality sound transmission and reducing the likelihood of technical glitches during interpretation sessions.

  • Satisfying Services

    GONSIN not only delivers state-of-the-art technology but also emphasizes customer satisfaction through comprehensive services. This includes user training, technical support, and ongoing maintenance, ensuring that clients receive continuous assistance and the system operates optimally throughout the entire duration of an event. GONSIN's dedication to client satisfaction enhances the overall user experience and reliability of its simultaneous interpretation solutions.

FS-FHSS Wireless Simultaneous Interpretation System Outdoor Application

FAQs of Simultaneous Interpretation System

FAQs of Simultaneous Interpretation System


What is Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment?


When it comes to simultaneous interpretation receivers, you may encounter three terms: translation equipment, interpreting equipment, and interpretation equipment. It's just the three different names for the same thing. If you get lost and don't know where to start, don't worry because there are lots of options. The first need is an artificial interpreter. The next thing is the material requiring translation, speech, preaching or any public activity. Once you have these two key parts, what you need is the simultaneous interpretation equipment. Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment includes Simultaneous Interpretation Receiver, Interpreter Console,  Server, Interpreter Headset, Audio Extender, Charging Case and so on.


How to use the simultaneous interpretation equipment/receiver?


Participants use the simultaneous interpretation system to select a required audio channel and wear a headphone to hear an interpreter. Volume is adjustable. Signal strength, battery capacity, selected channel, etc can be viewed from the LCD screen of simultaneous translation interpretation device.


What is the advantages of wireless simultaneous translation device?

  • Mobility: The simultaneous translation system enables wireless applications

  • Installation easiness: With a 6P cable, servers of the simultaneous interpretation system can be connected

  • Security: Wireless network communication of the simultaneous interpretation/translation equipment for sale relies on air and signals can be transmitted on a wide range of frequencies, which is much similar to natural background noise; this makes interceptors difficult to thieve data with general methods


When Should You Use Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment?


Compared to consecutive translation, simultaneous interpretation does not interrupt the speech, but translate when the speaker is making a speech to the audience. That is why simultaneous translation is best suitable for large events, as delays during delivery can severely damage attendees' conference experience.

You can usually find simultaneous translation equipments at meetings, business meetings, and government meetings. The cases and examples is indeed unlimited, which includes press conferences, educational conferences, church services, and non-profit activities.

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