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Conference Management Software-Facial Recognition Module V7.1.0(FR)

Virtual Event Management Software
Virtual Event Management Platform
Virtual Event Management Software
Virtual Event Management Platform

Functions of Conference Management Software-Registration Workstation Module V7.1.0 (FRM)

  • Support main screen or split screen display, the software interface can synchronize to the big screen, support self-adapt to screens with different resolutions

  • Multiple functions, different software module functions can be realized in according to different auxiliary products

  • Compatible with various devices from GONSIN conference system, meet the demand of inter-connection with wired/wireless/other devices

  • Utilize Superdog data encryption, ensure the data safety by LicenseOnChip technique, support AES algorithm encryption. Apply ECC key exchange technique to ensure the safety of conference data transmission

  • Key management service, the devices can be used with the authorization code without the Superdog

  • Log in with user account and password, realize privilege level management, to avoid outside tampering or data leak. Support setting different user types including operation user, management user, backup user ant etc

  • Built-in multiple language selection. Support language customization, visual language edition interface, which is convenient for the translator to edit and proofread, language data package input/output is supported

  • Devices management function, support online monitor function with facial recognition server and facial recognition workstation

  • Attendance information input function, including name, photo, device number, seat number or customized type, support online and offline create

  • Support create new conference venue or open the existing one, the user can set conference venue background and seating plan. Seating plan is suitable for all conference, and can be invoked through the conference agenda

  • Support creating conference name and conference agenda, support multiple registration methods, such as facial recognition registration, key-press registration, numbered card inserting registration, unnumbered card inserting registration

  • Support screen customization, visual edition interface for various settings including font, color, pictures and data interconnection. Support quick switch for multiple interface styles

  • Support information processing after the conference, conference attendance list, conference topic result, and files created during the conference, all can be exported or printed. Support cloud upload for history data(only for some relevant products)

  • Support secondary development, customized development can be realized by opening the interface protocol in according to the project demand

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