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Court Audio & Video System

The court has high requirements for conference equipment, which can make detailed minutes of the meetings.

According to the needs of users,  the overall solution of the conference system China includes discussion, voting, sound reinforcement, display, camera tracking, conference recording and broadcasting, remote video conference, automatic speech recognition, etc. 

There is the case of the court, with a standard solution and advanced solution. The following are the product recommendation and related case sharing.

Recommended System of the court

Standard solution:

Conference Discussion System (Basic discussion)

Conference Public Address System

Display System

Camera Tracking System

Advanced solution: 

Conference Discussion System (discussion and voting terminal)

Conference Public Address System,

Camera Tracking System

Central Control System

Conference Recording and Broadcasting System

Remote Video Conference

Automatic Speech Recognition.

Standard Solution of Court Audio & Video System

Advanced Solution of Court Audio & Video System

Popular Solutions of Conference System Equipment Products

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