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Intelligent Conference Management Platform Server

Intelligent Conference Management Platform Server
Intelligent Conference Management Platform Server

Functions of Intelligent Conference Management Platform Server

Functions of GX-RS102


  • Adopt 4U standard rack server, panel configuration 10-point industrial standard capacitive touch control 8.9-inch A+ gauge LCD monitor, pull-out integrated keyboard and touchpad, easy for daily maintenance

  • Stable and reliable performance, aluminum alloy panel, all-metal design, chassis can resist contact 4kV strong magnetic interference, air gap 6kV electromagnetic interference; linear regulator circuit with overvoltage protection

  • Rich interfaces: 2×1000M LAN, 6×COM, 10×USB, 8×GPIO (built-in), 1×VGA,1×HDMI, 1×MIC_IN, 1×LINE_OUT, 2×RS-232, 1×PS/2, 1×PCIEx16 slot, 1×Msata slot, 1×Mini-PCIE slot, support watchdog hardware reset function

  • The server provides a variety of platform services based on the deployed platform software to achieve stable and efficient management functions. Support multiple meeting rooms to share one server. Support multiple projects sharing one server

  • The server platform is developed based on JAVA technology, adopts B/S architecture, adopts large enterprise-level large database Mysql, and supports massive data storage

  • The server supports multiple management methods, including local area network, private network, Internet and so on.

  • Operators can access and control management through various methods such as web page, APP, PC software, Mini Program, etc.

  • Built-in dual-machine hot backup software. Support server dual machine hot backup function. One of the servers can be set as a backup server. When the main server fails unexpectedly, the backup server can be automatically hosted to ensure that the system platform works normally without interruption

  • The server adopts SSL encryption mechanism to effectively ensure the storage security and transmission security of sensitive information. Encryption algorithms such as RC4, MD5 and RSA are used to ensure the security of platform data and avoid leakage of important information

  • Adopt 100V~240V wide voltage input design, built-in power management embedded software, can monitor voltage status,avoid equipment failure caused by voltage fluctuation, and realize all-weather protection 

Technical Parameters of Intelligent Conference Management Platform Server


Supports Windows OS, Ubuntu OS (version dependent)


Intel Core i5 processor, 6M cache, quad-core 4-thread, up to 3.20GHz (support configuration upgrade)


8G DDRIII, support up to 16G (support configuration upgrade)

Hard Disk

1TB SATA hard disk (support configuration upgrade)



Dimensions (L×W×H)

482×305×195mm (excluding panel handle)

Product Weight


MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)

No less than 1 million hours (ideal operating condition)

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