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Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (Z4)

Conference And Event Management Software
Conference And Event Management Software

Functions of Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (Z4)

  • It supports main screen and split screen display; the software interface can be synchronized to the large screen; supports screen resolution adaptation

  • It has abundant functions, and realizes different software module functions when connected to different matching products; software module customization is available

  • It is compatible with GONSIN’s other equipment, so that data is interconnected between wired products/wireless products/multiple product formats/multiple systems

  • It has Super Dog Data Encryption; LicenseOnChip technology ensures that the license can not be tampered with; it support AES algorithm encryption. Using ECC key exchange technology to ensure conference data transmission under encryption protection

  • It has serial number authorization function; when super dog encryption is not used, you can use the software by getting the officially granted authorization code

  • Log in through the user's account and password; level-oriented management, prohibiting external personnel tampering or leaking conference information. Support different user type settings, including operating users, managing users, backup users, etc

  • Different languages are available, including Chinese, English and Russian. With language customization function, visual language editing interface, easy for translators to edit and proofread; supports language packet import/export

  • It has equipment management function and supports online monitoring of system servers and conference equipment. Support centralized management of equipment, realizing equipment power detection, operation status detection, unified shutdown and other operations

  • It supports personnel data input, including name, photo, position, unit number, seat number, custom type and so on. It supports two modes: online creation and offline creation

  • It supports auto camera tracking settings; you can choose from a variety of camera/matrix types and switch to corresponding control protocol. Preset bit information can be imported and exported, easy to save and invoke

  • It supports to create new venues or to open existing venues, and set up the venue background map and arrange seats. The seat setting is suitable for all meetings and can be invoked through the conference schedule

  • It supports writing card devices for IC card reading and writing. The card writing device is suitable for all meetings

  • It supports to create conference name and schedule, and a variety of check-in modes are available, including key-press registration, card registration, and no card registration.

  • You can set conference topics and related content, including slogans, votes, discussions, manuscripts (support office document insertion) and so on

  • It supports voting, evaluation, election, grading, and fast election; voting options can be customized, and supports the setting of named voting, secret voting, and weight voting; working with paperless system, it will has the multi-topic batch voting function

  • Support screen customization; you can set text font, color, picture and data association in the visual editing interface. Support for fast switching of multiple interface styles

  • Initiate a conference through the software, supporting personnel registration, slogan display, text display, enter the discussion, start voting and other operations

  • The software supports conference microphone control. It can set speech mode, application, number of speakers, speech time, seat display mode and large screen display mode in real-time

  • The software supports post-conference information processing, and the list of conference personnel, the results of topics and proposals, and documents produced during the conference can be exported and printed. It supports uploading historical data from the cloud (only for some supporting products)

  • Support for the tailor-made software development; interface protocol can be opened to achieve customized development according to needs of the project.

Technical Parameters of Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (Z4)

Operation system

WIN7/WIN8/WIN10 operation system 32/64 bit

Video card

Independent graphics card supports VGA\HDMI\DVI interface, supporting display and split screen.


i5 or above

Hard disk capacity

500GB or above

memory capacity

4GB or above

PC interface

1 way RS-232 interface; 2 way RJ45 interface

Resolution ratio


Video tracking protocol


PC communication method


Function Introduction of Conference Management System Software V7.1.0 (Z4)

Conference Management System SoftwareV7.1.0 (Z4)

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