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GONSIN Conference Management Platform is a comprehensive solution that combines hardware, software, and a platform. It revolves around five major process: pre- conference preparation, conference entry, conference holding, in- conference operation, and post-meeting processing. In addition to managing the entire GONSIN product line, it can also seamlessly integrate and manage third-party devices. The platform enables the integration and presentation of conference big data, fully showcasing the value of data.

Types of Conference Management Platform


GONSIN "Smart Link" Conference Management Platform

GONSIN Conference Management Platform Features

- User-friendly interface for easy navigation and operation

- Customizable configuration options for tailoring to specific needs

- Support for multiple languages to cater to international events

- Advanced security features for data protection

- Comprehensive event management capabilities, including scheduling, registration, and participant communication

- Integration with Gonsin conference systems for seamless operation

- Scalability to accommodate events of various sizes and complexity

- Real-time monitoring and reporting for enhanced decision-making

- Mobile compatibility for on-the-go event management

GONSIN Meeting Room Management System Applications

GONSIN Conference Management Platform is applicable to various industries and scenarios, including but not limited to:

- Corporate meetings and training sessions

- Academic conferences and seminars

- Government meetings and public events

- Medical and healthcare conferences and consultations

- Financial and banking sector conferences and workshops

- Cultural and art events and exhibitions

- International conferences and events

The platform offers flexible configuration options and multilingual support to accommodate the needs of different industries and scenarios. It also features advanced security functions to protect the security of data and information.

FAQs of Conference Management Platform

FAQs of Conference Management Platform


What is GONSIN 'Smart Link' Conference Management Platform?


'Smart Link' Conference Management Platform is independently developed by GONSIN and serves as a comprehensive solution with conference affairs at its core.

The platform provides one-stop services around the five major processes of pre-conference preparation, conference entry, conference holding, in-conference operation, and post-conference processing.


What's the advantages of GONSIN


Leading Platform Architecture

The platform consists of hardware layer, communication layer, data layer, function layer and application layer, integrating technologies such as cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and SaaS applications, and integrating various application forms, communication networks and intelligent terminals to create intelligent, visual and diversified services.

Business Value of Efficient Cost Reduction

Effectively improve conference efficiency, reduce conference costs, enhance the conference experience and implement the conference theme.

Flexible Customization Service With Fast Response

It adopts low-code construction platform, which can quickly respond to project needs. It supports function customization, such as interface skin, function module, business logic and platform interface so as to achieve rapid platform construction and business ecological docking.

With Modularity, Monitoring, O&M Capabilities

Based on ITIL, the platform provides ITOM and ITSM integration capabilities such as CMDB, event alarms, operation and maintenance automation. The platform has functional modules such as equipment monitoring, fault reporting, intelligent inspection, instant communication, event monitoring, etc. Each module supports free combination, which can quickly build upper-level application scenarios and provide intelligent operation and maintenance management services.


What kind of value-added services does the platform offer?


OA Docking Service, Access Control Docking Service, Video Conferencing Docking, Monitoring Docking Service, Asset Operation and Maintenance Service, Integrated Large Screen Service, etc,.

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