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Active Directional Antenna GX-ANT101-X

Active Directional Antenna
Active Directional Antenna

Features of Active Directional Antenna GX-ANT101-X

  • Uprofessional UHF band receiving logarithmic antenna

  • Applicable bandwidth covers 500MHz~850MHz

  • Output -9~18dB(±1dB) continuously variable gain signal

  • Built-in adjustable gain amplifier, users can adjust the gain according to actual usage environment

  • Amplifier using zinc alloy shell has excellent heat dissipation characteristics, which makes more stable

  • Have a good effect on the environments that require specific orientation

Technical Specifications of Active Directional Antenna GX-ANT101-X

TypeExternal extended antenna
Frequency Range500MHz~850MHz
Stepping Gain Total Gain0~+18dB (±2dB), stepping quantity: ±1dB
Stepping Attenuation Total Attenuation0~-9dB (±2dB), stepping quantity: ±1dB
Antenna Impedance50Ω
Antenna Gain3~5dB
Standing Wave Ratio≤2.5: 1
Receiving Mode(3dB Beam width)65° (Vertical), 120°(Horizontal)
ConnectorsTNC female*1
Current ConsumptionApprox. 60mA/DC8V
Power SupplyTNC female provides
bias power 6~10VDC
Net WeightApprox. 430g
Connecting Line4m

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