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Connector DCS-CON2057X / DCS-CON2057D


Basic Functions of Paperless Conference System Configuration Connector DCS-CON2057X / DCS-CON2057D

  • In compliance with IEC60914 international standard, utilize digital audio processing and transmission technology

  • Co-work with Microphone Lifting All-in-one Terminal

  • Realize the communication between the basic discussion module and the server

  • Connector, basic discussion module, power HUB, and congress server are all connected by cable.

  • Flexible cabling reduces project workload, makes large-scale construction easier.

  • It supports daisy-chain connection, star connection, and mixed connection. The system is highly stable and reliable. The breakdown of one extension won't influence the other extensions, and the malfunction of one attachment among the extensions won't influence the system's work.

  • Automatic restoration function: supports hotplug.

  • When there is only a basic discussion module, it requires the connectors; when the basic discussion, the module is extended to another terminal, it does not require the connector.

Technical Specifications of Paperless Conference System Configuration Connector DCS-CON2057X / DCS-CON2057D

Panel Dimension(L×W×H)140×40×130mm
Interface3×RJ45 Connector
Power SupplyDC 24V, POWER BY Sever/HUB
Max Power Consumption6.4W
Operating Temperature0~45°C
Storage Temperature-20~50°C
Note: Please refer to the brochure of Digital Conference Discussion System, please refer to the brochure of DCS-2057 Flush-Mounting backup conference system.

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