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Understand The Connection Methods Of The Meeting Sound System Equipment

Meeting Sound System Equipment Connection Basics: Signal Line Classification

In the equipment connection of the meeting sound system, signal lines are an indispensable part. They are mainly divided into microphone lines and equipment connection lines (pass-through lines). Microphone lines are used to connect wired and wireless microphones, as well as mixing consoles; while pass-through lines are responsible for connecting mixing consoles, peripheral equipment, amplifiers, and other electronic devices.


XLR Connector and TRS Connector

XLR Connector: consists of male and female connectors, used for connecting devices. The male connector has 3 exposed pins for signal output, while the female connector has 3 hidden pins for receiving input signals. The wiring method at both ends of the connector should be specifically noted, usually 2 positive 3 negative 1 ground.

TRS Connector: a 6.35mm cylindrical connector, divided into stereo and mono. Used for connecting electric guitars and other electric instruments, the stereo connector has two contact points, while the mono connector has three contact points, similar to XLR connectors.

Selection of Signal Cables

Microphone Cable: thicker outer sheath, approximately 6mm in diameter, suitable for connecting wired microphones, durable and suitable for dragging on the ground.

Audio Cable: thinner outer sheath, approximately 3mm in diameter, suitable for internal equipment connections in racks. It has good anti-interference properties.

Signal Cable Connection Methods

XLR Connector Connection: the positive and negative poles of the signal cable and the shield wire must be connected separately, when soldering, pay attention to the XLR connector wiring method of 2 positive 3 negative 1 ground.

TRS Connector Connection: twist the two core wires together for use, mainly used for signal connections of electric instruments.

Meeting Sound System Device Connection Methods

Connection of Signal Source Equipment to Mixing Console

Wired Microphone and Mixing Console Connection: use XLR connectors to connect the microphone output socket to the microphone input socket of the mixing console.

Wireless Microphone Receiver and Mixing Console Connection: select the connection method based on the output socket type, XLR socket for connecting to the microphone input socket(Mic), TRS socket for connecting to the line input socket(Line).

Computer and Mixing Console Connection: use a computer audio cable, one end connects to the computer headphone jack, the other end connects to the left and right input channels of the mixing console.

Electric Instrument Connection to Mixing Console: choose the appropriate signal cable, consider using a DI box for connection when the distance is long.

Connection of Mixing Console to Power Amplifier

Main Output Channel to Main Amplifier Connection: use XLR connectors signal cables, connect the left and right sockets of the main output channel to the input sockets of the power amplifier.

Auxiliary Output Channel to Monitor Amplifier Connection: select the appropriate connector from the auxiliary output socket to connect to the monitor amplifier's input socket.

Connection of Amplifier to Speaker

Using Speakon connectors and plugs for connection: choose suitable Speakon plugs and cables, connect to the speaker input, ensuring correct polarity.

By following these connection methods, the various devices of the meeting sound system can work together efficiently and deliver clear audio transmission. Properly connecting the devices not only affects the audio quality but also helps improve the stability and reliability of the system.

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