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How To Design Audio And Video Solution For Large Lecture Hall Meeting?

In the traditional meeting room, the audio-video equipment only meets the local meeting demand alone, and does not give much consideration to the problems brought by the remote video meeting and the multimedia meeting, such as the system can not be flexible control, how to manage and control various audio and video equipment, and so on. If we do not solve the problem, it will be difficult to guarantee the effectiveness of the meeting. This time, take the lecture theatre as an example to explain how the audio and video solutions for large lecture theatre meetings are designed.

How to design a professional and controllable audio and video solution for large lecture hall meetings?

With the diversification of meeting forms, more and more multimedia meeting equipment is used in the meeting. If the single function and uncontrollable meeting audio and video equipment, it will no longer be suitable for the modern meeting room. In this case, a professionally controlled audio-visual solution for large lecture hall meetings emerged:

1. The scheme can realize the following control functions through the central control system:

(1) lifting and stopping of electric projection screens on/off of projectors, large screens, and televisions;

(2) switching between video and computer signals;

(3) switching on/off of audio equipment and lighting;

(4) the recording and broadcasting switch of the HD recording and broadcasting host;

(5) volume adjustment of sound reinforcement equipment.

2, the pickup system uses the wireless meeting system, satisfies the report Hall the actual demand which the chair and desk are not fixed;

3, the singing system uses the true diversity high fidelity performance wireless microphone, the auxiliary antenna amplification system receives the signal to be more stable, may reach 150 meters receiving distance not to drop the frequency;

4. The conference PA system consists of a mixer, amplifier, digital audio processor, linear speaker, etc.

5. The video system is composed of a remote video terminal, TV, large screen, projection, recording and broadcasting system, high definition video matrix, etc.

6, the overall program is mainly used for reception, press releases, holding large-scale meetings, academic reports, at the same time with the function of hosting cultural performances.

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