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Methods of Distinguishing Between Digital and All-digital Conferencing Systems

When purchasing a conference system, many newbies only know to look at the brand to see the appearance, and then simply look at the function. They feel that the conference system is very simple, it is nothing more than functional satisfaction, and the sound pickup quality is OK.

The audio conference system looks similar on the surface, but the core structure is very different. At present, the mainstream products can be divided into two categories in terms of structure. So how do we differentiate between digital and fully digital conferencing systems?

1. Noise of conference system:

Because the digital conference system adopts analog transmission, the number of units is proportional to the noise, and the audio part is very susceptible to interference from environmental factors.

2. The number of conference systems that can be expanded:

The digital conference system is limited by RS485 for unit IDs, and the number of system expansions is limited. There is no limit to the number of all-digital IDs that can be allocated. Therefore, a conference system with an all-digital architecture can have a huge and scalable number.

3. The flexibility of conference system application:

In reporting applications, speech or speaking positions are frequently changed. For a digital conference system, the newly inserted discussion microphone can be detected only after it is turned off and restarted. If the microphone is plugged and unplugged in the power-on state, it is easy to produce impact sound in the speaker. The all-digital system can be used with any plug-in unit with the power on.

4. The transmission rate of the conference system:

This aspect is mainly reflected in the huge difference in the speed of voting results. Compared with the digital conference system, the time for collecting unit voting results differs by more than 100 times.

5. The stability of the conference system is improved:

The centralised control system of the digital conference system makes it impossible for the system to correct in real-time if the data is in a poor contact state, which will cause a single microphone and all the microphones behind the microphone chain to freeze, and the host must be restarted to return to normal. The all-digital conference system crashes when it is in a poor contact state, and the problem can be solved simply by strengthening the microphone line or re-plugging and unplugging it.

The all-digital conference system is superior to the digital conference system in all aspects, but almost all kinds of products in the market downplay what kind of architecture they are, and are uniformly called digital conference systems.

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