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GONSIN Paperless Conference System has two types of terminal-Desktop All-in-one Terminal and Touch Control LCD Lifting. The digital conference system has hot stand-by function, which supports dual backup for conference server, conference management software. Seamless switch ensure smooth operation and data security. Reduce conference cost significantly, Zero copyright fee of the operating system.

Types of Paperless Conference System


Features of Paperless Conference System

GONSIN Paperless Conference System is high efficient and intelligent, reducing conference cost. With multiple technical Methods, it can ensure information security.

FAQs of Paperless Conference System

FAQs of Paperless Conference System


What are the advantages to using a paperless system?

  • High efficient and intelligent

  • Reduce conference cost

  • Ensure information security

  • Convenient Installation

  • Energy-saving and environmental

  • Multiple connection methods


What is the requirement for public environment when using the paperless terminals?


When installing the equipment, try to wiring the cable in some hidden place and also maintain the external cleaning of equipment. When speakers using a microphone, should maintain the appropriate distance and right direction, as the conference microphone is unidirectional. Do not use alcohol, ammonia and other liquids to clean the equipment, you should use a soft cloth and slightly soak the cleaning materials to clean the equipment.

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