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Several Principles of Conference Sound Equipment Design

When organizing meetings or events, well-designed audio equipment is key to ensuring smooth proceedings and a positive participant experience. Below, we will introduce several principles to consider when designing audio equipment.


Conference Sound Equipment Overall Planning

The planning of sound equipment is the foundation of the entire sound system and directly affects the overall effect. When planning, the following points need to be considered:

  • Determine the Objective: Clarify the main function and usage scenarios of the sound system, such as meetings, speeches, performances, etc.

  • Choose the Right Venue: The size, shape, and material of the venue affect the sound effect, so appropriate equipment should be selected based on the venue characteristics.

  • Reasonable Layout: Including the selection, positioning, and height of speakers to ensure clear and natural sound.

  • Reserve Power Capacity: Reserve enough power to cope with possible overload situations.

  • Consider Audio-Video Synchronization: Ensure synchronous transmission of audio and video signals to enhance the viewing experience.

Acoustic Conditions of Conference Sound Equipment

Acoustic conditions refer to the actual usage environment of conference sound equipment, including indoor environment, outdoor environment, and human voice factors:

  • Indoor Environment: Factors like sound absorption, sound insulation, and reflection affect the sound effect, and appropriate sound-absorbing materials and decorations should be selected.

  • Outdoor Environment: Factors like wind noise, rain noise, and echoes that affect sound effect should be addressed with windproof, rainproof devices and noise reduction techniques.

  • Human Voice: Factors like reverberation, noise, and distortion affect the sound effect and should be optimized for better human voice quality.

Sound Reinforcement Forms of Conference Sound Equipment

Sound reinforcement forms include stereo and multi-channel. Choose the right form according to the needs:

  • Stereo: Combines left and right speakers to create a sense of space and positioning.

  • Multi-Channel: Combines multiple speakers to provide richer layering and surround sensation.

Design Scheme of Conference Sound Equipment

The design scheme is made according to the above principles, combined with the venue characteristics and usage requirements:

  • Choose Speakers: Select the appropriate type and quantity based on the size, shape, and material of the venue, considering parameters like directivity and sensitivity.

  • Amplifiers and Processors: Select suitable equipment based on speaker performance and needs, paying attention to stability and ease of use.

  • Cables and Connectors: Choose good quality, appropriate length cables and connectors to ensure signal transmission quality.

  • Preprocessing Equipment: Select suitable preprocessing equipment like equalizers and compressors according to actual needs.

Installation and Commissioning of Conference Sound Equipment

During the installation and commissioning process, the following points should be noted:

  • Operate According to Drawings: Strictly follow the installation drawings to avoid equipment damage or failure.

  • Pay Attention to Safety: Prevent safety accidents such as electric shock or short circuit.

  • Reasonable Wiring: Ensure neat and tidy wiring to avoid crossing and tangling.

In summary, when designing conference sound equipment, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the venue environment, functional requirements, and equipment characteristics to ensure the best sound effect is achieved.

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