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Standards and Advantages of Paperless Conference System

Ⅰ. Standards of paperless conference system

The entire paperless conference system is connected to each device by a control bus. The color touch screen accepts the control requirements issued by the operator, and then sends control commands to each extended control device and the controlled device through various control interfaces. All control functions are performed through a dedicated system. It is programmed by software, and the specific control can be realized through the color LCD touch screen. Its operation interface is intuitive and easy to understand according to the actual requirements of users.

In order to meet the needs of many functions such as emergency command, remote command, and dispatch of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau. We recommend building sound reinforcement system, automatic camera tracking system, matrix switching system, central control system, etc. in the command hall; at the same time, reserve various basic supports and application systems (including environmental information monitoring system, sewage discharge environmental image monitoring system, telephone emergency Communication scheduling system, video conference system, etc.) and the interface of the command hall for future integration.

Sound reinforcement system design usually starts with sound field design, because sound field design is the basis for satisfying system functions and sound effects. Due to the rapid development of computer technology, it is now possible to use specialized acoustic software tools for calculations to obtain sound field designs that meet expected requirements. After the speaker system is determined, the calculation of the driving power of the power amplifier and the determination of the driving signal path can be carried out; then the signal processing scheme and the selection of the audio processor can be further determined according to the distribution scheme of the driving power.

Ⅱ. The advantages and characteristics of the paperless conference system

1. Confidentiality

With the continuous acceleration of the national informatization process, the problem of information security has become more and more prominent, which has attracted widespread attention from all walks of life. In the process of printing, copying, and binding traditional paper conference documents, there are many intermediate links, which brings many unforeseen risks to the confidential conference. The paperless meeting system can fundamentally eliminate various hidden dangers brought by traditional methods.

2. Security

The external data is stored in a designated area and is isolated from the operating system. After the meeting, the meeting documents are completely cleared, and the confidential meeting documents are completely shredded in the system. Moreover, every time the system restarts, the conference system will return to its original state.

3. Cost saving

In the army, government agencies, scientific research institutions, and various enterprises and institutions, there are many meetings of various types every year, the paper consumption of meeting materials is large, the cost of printing materials and other materials is high, and the manpower and time consumption is large, which not only increases the cost but also is not suitable for the development of the information age is not commensurate with the construction of an efficient, energy-saving and environmentally friendly society. Under such circumstances, going paperless can not only greatly improve work efficiency, but also have far-reaching significance for environmental protection and energy conservation.

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