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The Wonderful Work Gonsin 3300 Series

Introduction: the conference is an activity for people to exchange views and discuss something or get together around a common theme. Its main contents are interflow ideas or information between the participants. With the rapid development of society and the growth of social information, the conference has become an important way of modern society for government affairs, economy, culture, and other activities.

The Wonderful Work-gonsin 3300 Series

In recent years, the multi-functional conference hall is a new trend in the office building, a perfect multi-purpose conference hall not only has luxurious decorations and a few pieces of expensive equipment, but it also has an integrated system with a conference audio system, internal/remote network, intelligent control, security monitoring, or even it is to be connected to the radio and television network. When all types of professional equipment are highly concentrated to a meeting place, it becomes often more difficult to make the decoration of a conference. Adaptability to the conference, the layout of equipment, circuit design, and other questions make the decoration of the conference and the purchase of office furniture more difficult and demanding.

The Wonderful Work-gonsin 3300 Series

3300 Series Digital Conference Discussion System

In summary, as one of the important parts of conferences, how to meet the actual needs for the conference audio and video equipment? As the industry mainstream conferencing systems manufacturers, GONSIN has a profound understanding, good conferencing systems not only satisfy basic customer needs, should also have excellent design for customers. GONSIN has analyzed the real needs of customers and designed carefully 3300 series digital conference discussion system.

3300 series digital conference discussion system have these features: elegant design, adaptable and humanization, artful structural design is the greatest advantage, because of the mutable environment of conference, designers have increased the wire slot in the structural design, at the same time, the cable outlet can be adjusted depending on the direction of the installation environment, this design allows the products have the ability to adapt to different applications, so that the overall effect of conference is very coordinated; TL-3300 conference system offers a multifunctional tabletop conferencing solution featuring microphone discussion, attendance registration, camera video tracking, supports HD video camera tracking, that provide the necessary conditions for integration of remote video conferencing systems, and even for access to radio and television networks; Built-in a monitor speaker in the discussion unit, when it is used in a small conference, only to open the monitor speakers, it can satisfy the needs of expanding volume without connecting audio equipment; pluggable gooseneck microphone, easy removal and transport; supports multi chairman or vice chairman for satisfying the management requirements of different types of conference.

The Wonderful Work-gonsin 3300 Series

Compact structure design, easily hidden unit connecting cables, more beautiful appearance.

3300 Series Digital Conference Discussion System has been raised in the anti-interference performance with a reliable system, simple operation, wonderful design and comfortable tactile impression to meet yours needs in complex situations. society for government affairs, economy, culture and other activities.

Main Features

  • Low susceptibility to mobile phone interference

  • Support for multi-Chairman or Vice-Chairman

  • Pluggable gooseneck microphone

  • Easily hidden unit connecting cables

  • Host built 4 × 1 SD camera tracking, support HD

Basic functions

  • Speaking: AUTO/FIFO / OPERATOR microphone mode can be selected; listen to other speakers through headphones or internal loudspeaker;

  • Registration: Registration button, supplementary registration;

  • Automatic camera tracking, panorama preset position; supports HD video camera tracking

  • Supports 20 chairman unit / Vice-chairman units in one system.

The chairman unit represents all the functions delegate units have, it also has the following features:

  • The Chairman unit can override/ mute all the active delegate unit

Technical Specifications

Mounting type                       tabletop

Frequency response               50Hz±18Hz

Sensitivity                            -46dB 4Db

THD                                     <0.3%

SNR                                     -95dB

Power input                          24V DC

Microphone length              Standard 410mm, 

                                       optional 310/510mm

Headphone jack                  Mono 3.5mm

Internal loudspeaker            3w/ 4Ω

Weight                               0.75kg

Dimensions (W* D* H)           160mm × 140mm× 53mm

Operating temperature        0~45℃

Storage temperature           -20~50℃

The Wonderful Work-gonsin 3300 Series

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