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Witnessed GONSIN's Advancement at Prolight+Sound Guangzhou 2024

The 22nd Prolight+sound Guangzhou Exhibition(PLSG) successfully concluded on May 26 at the China Import and Export Fair Complex. This year's exhibition covered a total area of 200,000 square meters, featuring 21 exhibition halls and the Y Channel exhibition area. A total of 2,136 companies participated, attracting 107,692 professional visitors.


At this industry grand event, GONSIN attracted guests from various regions through its immersive booth experience, leading full-stack solutions for conference management platforms, and warm professional reception. Attendees engaged in interactions, expressing mutual interest in cooperation.

Through VR, we experience the continuous progress of GONSIN!


GONSIN Smart Link Conference Management Platform

The platform is independently developed by GONSIN as a full-stack solution focused on conference affairs. It helps clients reduce costs and increase efficiency while enhancing the meeting experience. The platform uses GONSIN's proprietary IoT self-organizing network management technology and supports integration with monitoring systems, access control systems, OA systems, and a variety of intelligent systems and device terminals. It employs technologies such as digital twins, SaaS services, and edge computing to create a unified visual management platform. This platform presents digital management functions through 3D models and graphical data displays.


AES67 Audio Solution

GONSIN's AES67 digital audio solution offers high scalability and is compatible with the Dante protocol, ensuring seamless integration with existing audio equipment. The simplified wiring significantly reduces installation and maintenance costs while supporting long-distance audio transmission, making it suitable for large venues and complex environments. The low-latency audio transmission ensures real-time, efficient audio processing while maintaining high-quality sound, meeting the requirements of professional audio applications and broadening your audio usage scenarios.


IoT Wireless Conference System

The system employs IoT technology and GONSIN's proprietary frequency-hopping selection patent. It can be managed via a web interface and controlled with tablets, allowing for real-time monitoring of battery levels and connection status. The system also features automatic wake-up from sleep mode, enhancing operational convenience and efficiency.


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