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5 Reasons You Need a Professional Digital Conference System

Whether you work in a private enterprise, public institution, municipal government or government agency, almost all of these situations involve gathering people and ideas in discussions, meetings, or conventions every day.


If you want your discussions to proceed smoothly and efficiently, and of course to make wise decisions, you need to set up professional audio and video conferencing solutions, microphone systems or discussion systems in your meeting rooms, boardrooms, or council chambers.

Here are 5 compelling reasons.

Digital Conferencing System's User-Friendliness

The era where everyone always works in the same place is over. Nowadays, meetings are often digital or hybrid. Hybrid implies some participants are present on-site, while others participate in the discussion remotely. In this case, you need a suitable digital conferencing system to ensure everyone can hear and be heard, see and be seen, and share information. The right solution seamlessly integrates the conference unit in the conference room with the online conference platform for the best results.

Digital Conference Systems Promote Proper Order and Decision Making

Having a professional digital conferencing system is key to maintaining good meeting etiquette, in addition to brief introductions and achieving agreements. We all know that meetings can sometimes become somewhat chaotic, with some people dominating the discussion and others unable to speak when people talk simultaneously. This scenario is harder to manage in digital or hybrid meetings than in face-to-face circumstances with everyone in board or council chambers.

Digital conferencing systems come with built-in meeting management and mediation tools that allow the chairman to stay in control. Speech timers, queue lists, speech request buttons, and microphone management are just a few examples that make meeting mediation easier.

Digital Conferencing System's Voting Features

Counting verbal votes or quickly calculating hand-raising votes is not the most accurate and professional way to conduct voting, would you agree? From a record-keeping perspective, they are also not the most convenient solutions. Lucky for us, conference technology comes to the rescue.

Digital conferencing systems developed specifically for board and council meetings clearly show the voting topic at hand, facilitate digital voting by pushing a button, and automatically display voting results and generate exportable reports.

Digital Conferencing System's Recording and Live Broadcasting Features

Transparency and remote public participation have become the norm, especially for city councils and similar local government bodies. Keeping video records and even live broadcasting of council meetings is a widely adopted practice that brings local decision-making closer to citizens.

For this, you will obviously need a digital conferencing system that provides clear audio and high-quality video. Additional features like automatic voice-to-text transcription are the icing on the cake.

Digital Conferencing System's Simultaneous Interpretation Feature

Did you know that during European Parliament meetings, each member’s speech is translated into over twenty different languages simultaneously? Imagine how impossible this task would be without an advanced discussion system that integrates the interpreting booths seamlessly with the overall audio and conference management system.

Choose the GONSIN digital conferencing system to say goodbye to cumbersome meeting processes. This system not only promotes more in-depth discussions but also supports real-time voting and powerful simultaneous interpretation features, ensuring that language is no longer a barrier to communication. The intuitive user interface and ironclad security guarantees make meetings more efficient, and team decisions faster. The GONSIN digital conferencing system is not just a technology upgrade, but a guarantee of your meeting efficiency.

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