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Application of Paperless Meeting System Solutions in Party and Government Agencies of Enterprises and Institutions

With the rapid development of technology, party and government organs of enterprises and institutions face new challenges in improving meeting efficiency and implementing environmental protection concepts. paperless meeting system has become a solution to provide a new management and service experience for meetings. In this article, we will delve into the application scenarios of paperless meeting system in the party and government organs of enterprises and institutions, as well as the unique features and functions of this system.

Paperless Meeting System Introduction

Paperless meeting system is a full-lifecycle meeting service and management software designed for party and government organs of enterprises and institutions. It covers functions such as meeting information dissemination, meeting sign-in, meeting document management, meeting notifications, seating arrangements, voting, and simultaneous reading, providing comprehensive support for various meetings within the organization. Through this system, meeting managers within the organization can easily organize, manage, and participate in meetings, thereby improving meeting efficiency and reducing resource waste.


Paperless Meeting System Features

The system includes a meeting reservation function, notifying each participant with one click, preparing for meetings in advance, effectively improving the organization and efficiency of meetings.

For the annotation requirements of leaders during meetings, the system provides a one-click simultaneous screen function to easily and quickly share all participants' document information and desktop content, facilitating instant communication and collaboration.

The system supports one-click projection for each participant to project meeting materials onto a large screen, enabling free sharing and enhancing the practicality and effectiveness of meetings.

After the meeting, the system provides a one-click destruction function to ensure the security and confidentiality of meeting materials, effectively addressing the risk of information leakage.

The system offers a one-click shutdown function to uniformly shut down all client computers after the meeting, avoiding cumbersome manual operations and potential security risks, providing a more secure protection for the meeting environment.

Paperless Meeting System Components

Client: Equipped with a touch screen LCD elevator + host, deployed according to the actual number of participants, providing usage for trainees.

PC-side Management: Designed specifically for conference administrators, it enables centralized control and management of meetings.

Server-side: Serving as the data forwarding hub, it handles synchronized signal processing. It incorporates a paperless meeting interactive control processor utilizing touch-screen tracking and touch-screen simulation technology.

Paperless projection terminal: Used to project meeting materials, achieving real-time sharing of paperless meetings.

Paperless meeting interactive system software: Providing comprehensive meeting services and management functions.

Network switch: Used to build the network environment of the system.

Paperless Meeting System Functions

Centralized control of control system: Realize unified startup and shutdown of paperless system, and realize unified lifting by controlling the elevator.

Device switching: Use matrix system to achieve quick switching of devices, improving the convenience of unit meeting managers.

Authorization management: Including system administrators, meeting secretaries, and ordinary users, ensuring the confidentiality of internal meeting information within the organization.

Meeting sign-in monitoring: Real-time monitoring and management of meeting sign-in status to improve meeting participation.

Receive service information instantly: Through logistical service APP, realize instant reception and processing of meeting room needs, providing more convenient logistical support.

In the digital age, party and government organs of enterprises and institutions, through the application of paperless meeting system, not only improve meeting efficiency, but also effectively manage resources and practice environmental protection concepts. The unique features and flexibility of this system will bring a new meeting experience and management approach for party and government organs of enterprises and institutions.

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