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Congratulations! GONSIN Escorted UNCTAD's 8th World Investment Forum 2023

UNCTAD’s 8th World Investment Forum opened on 16 October in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, with over 7,000 participants, heads of state, government ministers, sovereign wealth fund managers, private sector executives, stock exchanges, media, academics, investment treaty negotiators and heads of international organizations from 160 countries to discuss the world's most urgent global investment and development challenges and solutions.
The UNCTAD World Investment Forum is the pre-eminent global platform for investment and development. The Forum devises strategies and solutions for global investment and development challenges. It facilitates multi-stakeholder collective action to stimulate investment in development. The Forum offers a unique opportunity to influence investment-related policymaking, shape the global investment environment, and to network with global leaders in business and politics.


At the Opening Ceremony of the Forum and the Global Leaders Investment Summit, GONSIN Simultaneous Interpretation System was the main audio equipment, which solved the problem of different languages of the participants from different countries. With dual-chain backup settings, 2000 seats of FS-FHSS simultaneous interpretation system were applied into the venue, in five languages:Arabic, English, French, Spanish and Russian, ensuring the summit proceeded smoothly without language barriers.

At the Opening Ceremony and the first forum, the host and speakers used GONSIN wired conference microphones to speak, focusing on the investment challenges faced by the world's developing countries amid today's global crises.

The 8th World Investment Forum, taking place from October 16th to 20th, spans over 5 days and includes various sub-forums and keynote conferences. Heads of state, government leaders, ministers, and entrepreneurs will engage in discussions using the 7,023 conference equipment provided by GONSIN, including 5,321 seats of FS-FHSS Simultaneous Interpretation, 1,404 seats of Infrared Simultaneous Interpretation, and 298 conference microphones. GONSIN, known for its high-quality products, extensive experience, and professional team, is playing a vital role in ensuring the success of this large-scale forum.

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