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GONSIN Concluded ISE2024 with Remarkable Success

As the curtains fell on the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2024 show, GONSIN, a leading developer and manufacturer of Conference Full Stack Solutions, proudly concluded a highly successful showcase of its latest innovations.


From first day of the show, GONSIN's booth buzzed with excitement, attracting visitors to explore our cutting-edge products. The highlights included the debut of the Conference Management Platform, an upgraded Paperless Conferencing System, and the new Intelligent Noise-cancelling Speaker Microphone.





GONSIN also showcased a series of innovative products, such as 10000N Series Seamless Compatible Wired and Wireless Conference Equipments, Simultaneous Interpretation Equipments, Automatic Speech Recognition Equipments, Digital Conference Equipments, etc. These cutting-edge products seamlessly integrate, offering customers a one-stop solution.




Having left a mark on significant conferences globally, such as the G20 Summit and the 8th BRICS Summit, GONSIN continues to play a vital role in supporting large-scale events like the Hangzhou Asian Games, the Chilean Parliament, and the Saudi Space Commission.


With a reach extending to over 140 countries and a portfolio boasting diverse projects in governments, parliaments, convention centers, military forces, hotels, schools, hospitals, churches, and corporations, GONSIN's impact is truly global.



In the future, GONSIN will persist in driving innovation in conference full stack solutions, providing customers with unparalleled solutions that enhance collaboration, efficiency, and overall conference experiences.


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