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New Arrival, Gonsin Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal

At the 15th anniversary of GONSIN establishment, GONSIN presents Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal to you

New Arrival, Gonsin Desktop Paperless All-in-one Terminal

System Overview

Large Platform, Great Integration 

GONSIN paperless conference system is based on GONSIN professional conference platform which integrates with the paperless conference, 20000 series, and conference management software and also support extension to Z4/voting system to realize the data sharing and interconnection to form a super-large paperless conference system. 

Various Terminal Product Forms 

GONSIN's paperless conference system has covered various conference product forms including desktop all-in-one terminal, touch control LCD lifter, and tablet terminal. Meanwhile, the paperless terminal can seamlessly connect to multiple conference discussion systems to realize function expansion and meet diversified users' demands. 

Hot Stand-by For Smooth Operation

The system has a hot standby function, which supports dual backup for conference server, conference management software. Seamless switches ensure smooth operation and data security. 

Various Connection Ways, Convenient Installation

GONSIN's paperless conference system supports various connection ways including daisy-chain, star connection, and mixed connection. Flexible cable installation reduces workload massively, easy to build up a large-scale system.

Multiple Technical Methods, Ensure Info Security

GONSIN paperless conference system has developed on Android platform, it utilizes data encryption and anti-restoration technique to ensure information security. The software adopts closed-off management. It takes an H264 algorithm to encrypt data with unified data storage in the server. The network is MINA framework, which is stable and reliable to avoid an information leak. 


GONSIN's paperless conference system can reduce conference cost significantly and boost conference efficiency, improve conference quality, brings a better conference experience, and meet the green and low carbon social development trend. 

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