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Introduction to the Features of Paperless Conference System

Paperless conference  system emphasizes the concept of paperless and environmental protection in discussions, and not only can improve work efficiency but also has far-reaching significance for building an efficient, energy-saving, and low-carbon society.

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The meeting process of the paperless conference system

The meeting organizer can fully manage the meeting content through the meeting management host and distribute a meeting notice or document to multiple secretaries' computers, who have to confirm and reply to the meeting management host to form the distribution of meeting materials.

The document interaction display of the paperless conference system

The meeting secretary (presiding officer) can broadcast multiple files or screen to the screen of each participant in real-time, which ensures that the meeting content of the attendees and speakers is synchronized during discussions. Additionally, considering some meetings that require each representative to browse the multiple meeting files on their screens freely, the meeting secretary (presiding officer) can remotely open the participant's paperless desktop to display the meeting files, reducing the operation procedures of attendees.

The confidentiality function of the paperless conference system

According to the characteristics of the meeting, the meeting secretary chooses whether it is a confidential meeting before the meeting. If it is a confidential meeting, the meeting system will automatically destroy the meeting files completely from the physical hardware and leave no trace in the hard disk storage space after the meeting is over. It fully meets the requirements of confidentiality.

The document distribution of the paperless conference system

The meeting secretary of the paperless conference uploads the meeting files in advance to the server in the meeting room, and the system will automatically download all files of this meeting to each participant's computer. It is very convenient to choose whether each representative can modify and annotate the meeting discussion file on their own computer during this meeting.

The computer power management of the paperless conference system

The system realizes remote power on/off, which is convenient for users to operate. On the chairman machine, all machines in the meeting room can be turned on by pressing the power button. After the meeting, all machines can be turned off. This greatly facilitates the user's operation.

The registration function of the paperless conference system

After the attendees sit down, they can enter the meeting system by clicking "enter the meeting," and the attendee has already completed the meeting registration easily. The system will automatically count the attendance and absence of this meeting and save it for future reference.

The meeting information display function of the paperless conference system

The agenda option will display this meeting's title, time, process (including the meeting files contained in each process), and other meeting schedules. Attendees can view the list of attendees and seating arrangements at any time.

The internal communication function of the paperless conference system

Meeting representatives can send instant messages to the chairman (or agree to any representative), facilitating personnel communication in the meeting.

The file annotation function of the paperless conference system

In addition to browsing the meeting files, meeting participants can add annotations to the files according to their needs, and support saving the annotated modified files by selecting handwriting input, circle highlighting, and other tools on the toolbar.

The recording function of the paperless conference system

It saves all meeting materials and meeting process materials, replaces the notepad that needs to be carried when attending the meeting, and allows for manual writing or typing, circling, highlighting, and saving meeting records.

The questionnaire function of the paperless conference system

The meeting questionnaire function will enable participants to complete online questionnaires, and the questionnaire results are automatically counted, displayed in real-time, and completed quickly.

The multi-software interface on the same platform management of the paperless conference system

The meeting administrator can complete the operation of meeting software and meeting room equipment control on one platform interface.

The background management function of the paperless conference system

The powerful background management function can set the arrangement of meeting summary, attendees and seating, meeting files, reading permissions, and meeting voting content, making meeting planning design more scientific, convenient, and efficient.

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